Lurene Tuttle

Lurene Tuttle

Show Count: 258
Series Count: 22
Role: Old Time Radio Star
Born: August 29, 1907
Old Time Radio, Pleasant Lake, Indiana, U.S.
Died: May 28, 1986, Encino, California, U.S.
She was the perfect busybody with her distinct voice, red hair and dainty stature. Lurene Tuttle didn’t want for work after radio found that she possessed a mastery of various speech dialects and stole every show with her sassy personality. Lurene was born on August 20, 1907 in Pleasant Lake, Indiana to a theatrical family. Her father, O.V. Tuttle, began his career in minstrels, but as parts became hard to find, he began work at a railroad station agent to pay the bills and feed his family. Lurene’s grandfather was a drama teacher who also managed an opera house in Angola, Indiana. He must have been delighted when his granddaughter, Lurene wanted to study acting and began stealing the show with her comedic antics. Lurene and her family moved to California when she was 15 years old, and she began to study drama at the Pasadena Playhouse. She eventually joined a vaudeville troupe called Murphy’s Comedians and worked during the 1920s and 1930s. Tuttle entered the radio scene during the depression and was named the “First Lady of Radio” because of her distinctive and recognizable voice. Lurene's presence can be heard throughout the golden age of radio and indeed she is credited in over 90 episodes of shows on RUSC including Suspense - notably the episode The Sisters - The Whistler, Let George Do It, Hallmark Playhouse, Favorite Story, Adventures of Maisie and Arch Oboler's Plays to name but a few. Lurene eventually met actor and announcer, Mel Ruick while playing a part on the radio. They married and had one daughter, Barbara Ruick, who became a musical comedy actress who was best known for her role as Carrie Pipperidge in the musical film, Carousel. Ruick and Tuttle divorced and Tuttle was married again, but the marriage didn’t last very long.

Lurene Tuttle was a renowned drama and diction coach as well as teaching radio technique during the 1940s. When some popular actors returned from their service in World War II, Tuttle was the expert who trained them to re-enter the world of entertainment. Just a few of her famous students were Red Skelton, Milton Berle, Jayne Meadows and Orson Welles.

In radio, Lurene’s best known part was as Effie, Sam Spade’s girl-Friday on The Adventures of Sam Spade opposite Howard Duff as the detective. She was also frequently seen on the variety show, Red Skelton. The Great Gildersleeve radio show featured her as Marjorie Forrester during the early 1940s. Another memorable part for Lurene was when she played the part of president of Lucy’s women’s club on I Love Lucy in 1953.

Besides her many roles on radio and television, Tuttle appeared in top films such as Mr. Blanding Builds His Dream House, Niagra, Heaven Only Knows, and Hitchcock’s thriller, Psycho. Lurene was also active in Hollywood as president of the local chapter of AFTRA, where she was voted Woman of the Year. From 1951 through 1954, Tuttle served on the board of the Screen Actors Guild.

Sadly, Lurene lost her only daughter, Barbara (who was married to film composer, John Williams) when she died unexpectedly in 1974. Lurene Tuttle died of cancer at 78 years of age on May 28, 1986 in Encino, California, survived by her famous son-in-law and three grandchildren.

Show Count: 44
Broadcast History: 3 July 1939 to 26 June 1944, 21 July 1944 to 1 September 1944, 13 August 1944 to 26 September 1948, 6 October 1948 to 29 June 1949 and 6 October 1949 to 6 July 1950
Cast: Penny Singleton, Ann Rutherford, Alice White, Patricia Vann Cleve, Arthur Lake, Leone Ledoux, Tommy Cook, Larry Sims, Bobby Ellis, Jeffrey Silver, Marlene Aames, Norma Jean Nilsson, Joan Rae, Hanley Stafford, Elvia Allman, Frank Nelson, Arthur Q. Bryan, Harry Lang, Dix Davis, Mary Jane Croft, Veola Vonn, Lurene Tuttle, Rosemary DeCamp, Ed MacDonald, Hans Conried
Producer: Ashmead Scott
CBS Radio WorkshopCBS Radio Workshop
Show Count: 73
Broadcast History: 27 January 1956 to 22 September 1957
Cast: Various, Aldus Huxley, William Conrad, Parley Baer, Lurene Tuttle, Jack Kruschen, Joseph Kearns, Vic Perrin, Sam Edwards, Gloria Henry, Charlotte Lawrence
Director: Jack Johnstone, William N Robson, Dee Engelbach, Elliott Lewis, Antony Ellis
Producer: William Froug
The CBS Radio Workshop was an experimental dramatic radio anthology series that aired on CBS from January 27, 1956, until September 22, 1957. Subtitled “radio’s distinguished series to man’s imagination,” it was a revival of the earlier Columbia Experimental Laboratory (1931), Columbia Experimental Dramatic Laboratory (1932) and Columbia Workshop broadcasts by CBS from 1936 to 1943, and used some of the same writers and directors employed on the earlier series'.
Date With Judy, ADate With Judy, A
Show Count: 39
Broadcast History: 24 June 1941 to 16 September 1941, 23 June 1942 to 15 September 1942, 18 January 1944 to 4 January 1949 and 13 October 1949 to 25 May 1950
Cast: Bea Benaderet, Lois Corbett, Ann Gillis, Paul McGrath, Margaret Brayton, Tommy Bond, Lurene Tuttle, Dellie Ellis, Stanley Farrar, Louse Erickson, Joseph Kearns, John Borwn, Georgia Backus, Myra Marsh, Dix Davis, Harry Harvey, Richard Crenna, Sandra Gould
Director: Tom McAvity, Helen Mack
Producer: Tom McAvity, Helen Mack, Robert Holmes, Clara Groves
Dr ChristianDr Christian
Show Count: 141
Broadcast History: 7 November 1937 to 6 January 1954
Cast: Jean Hersholt, Rosemary DeCamp, Lurene Tuttle, Kathleen Fitz, Helen Claire
Director: Neil Reagan, John Wilkinson, Florence Ortman
Producer: Dorothy McCann
Encore TheaterEncore Theater
Show Count: 10
Broadcast History: 1946 to 1949
Cast: Gerald Mohr, Lionel Barrymore, Robert Young, Ronald Colman, Lurene Tuttle, Eric Snowden
Director: Bill Lawrence
Producer: Bill Lawrence
Glamour ManorGlamour Manor
Show Count: 1
Broadcast History: 25 August 1945 to 27 June 1947
Cast: Bea Benaderet, John McIntire, Lurene Tuttle, Barbara Eiler, Tyler McVey, Cliff Arquette
I Fly AnythingI Fly Anything
Show Count: 2
Broadcast History: 29 November 1950 to 19 July 1951
Cast: Georgia Ellis, Dick Haymes, George Fenneman, Lurene Tuttle, Eddie Marr
Director: Dwight Hauser
Show Count: 76
Broadcast History: 6 February 1950 to 25 September 1952
Sponsor: General Mills for Wheaties
Cast: Frank Lovejoy, William Conrad, Stacy Harris, Wilms Herbert, Lurene Tuttle, Junius Matthews, Jack Kruschen, Joan Banks, Jeanne Bates, Peter Leeds, Larry Dobkin
Director: Warren Lewis
Producer: Warren Lewis
“Hi, this is Randy Stone. I cover the nightbeat for the Chicago Star. My stories start in many different ways. This one began…”
Show Count: 39
Broadcast History: April 1948 to September 1948
Cast: Virginia Gregg, Lurene Tuttle, Barry Sullivan, Marjorie Reardon, Jackie Cooper, Jack Holt
Director: Frank Danzig
Broadcast: May 26, 1949
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