Betty Garde

Betty Garde

Show Count: 38
Series Count: 4
Role: Old Time Radio Star
Born: September 19, 1905
Old Time Radio, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA
Died: December 25, 1989, Los Angeles, California, USA
An American stage, radio, film, and television actress. She played Aunt Eller in the original Broadway production of Oklahoma!, but her long acting career also included film, radio, and television.

Katharine Elizabeth "Betty" Garde had a major role in the 1950 movie Caged as a murderous prison inmate. She also appeared in Call Northside 777(1948) and Cry of the City (1948). Her television credits include appearances on The Honeymooners (in an hilarious turn as the Kramdens' maid, Thelma) and two episodes of The Twilight Zone, including the famous "Midnight Sun" episode opposite Lois Nettleton.

Betty Garde died at the age of 84 in a hospital in Sherman Oaks, California. No cause was given and there were no immediate survivors.

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Fat Man, TheFat Man, The
Show Count: 47
Broadcast History: 21 January 1946 to 26 September 1951
Cast: Ed Begley, Jack Scott Smart, Amzie Strickland, Mary Patton, Betty Garde, Linda Watkins, Paul Stewart, Alice Frost, Robert Dryden, Jimmy McCallion, Sarah Burton, Vicki Vola
Director: Charles Powers, Clark Andrews, Robert Sloane
The Fat Man was a 1945 – 50 ABC Radio series starring the rich voice of J. Scott Smart as Brad Runyon the overweight detective also known as The Fat Man.
Broadcast: 23rd September 1962
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Broadcast: 12th January 1965
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Broadcast: 15th September 1941
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Broadcast: March 11, 1948
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Broadcast: 18th September 1951
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Broadcast: 19th July 1946
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Broadcast: 6th March 1960
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Broadcast: 19th September 1947
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