Anne Whitfield

Show Count: 178
Series Count: 4
Role: Old Time Radio Star
Old Time Radio
Born: August 27, 1938, Oxford, Mississippi, USA
Damon Runyon Theater, TheDamon Runyon Theater, The
Show Count: 52
Broadcast History: 1948 to the mid 1950s
Cast: John Brown, Anne Whitfield, Gerald Mohr, William Conrad, Alan Reed, Herb Vigran, Frank Lovejoy, Sheldon Leonard, Eddie Marr, Luis Van Rooten, Joe DuVal, Willard Waterman, Ed Begley, Jeff Chandler, Sam Edwards, Hans Conried, Parley Baer
Director: Richard Sanville
Producer: Vern Carstensen
Starring John Brown as Broadway, the narrator of Damon Runyon’s dramatic stories of old Manhattan New York and the gangster life in the 1920’s and 1930’s. The stories could be tragic, and often quite sad as you become moved by the strength of the characters.
Fitch BandwagonFitch Bandwagon
Show Count: 11
Broadcast History: 4 September 1938 to 17 June 1945, 23 September 1945 to 16 June 1946, and 29 September 1946 to 23 May 1948
Sponsor: Fitch Shampoo
Cast: Alice Faye, Phil Harris, Eddie Cantor, Andy Devine, Cass Daley, Francis Trout, Henry Russell, Elliott Lewis, Robert North, Jeanine Roose, Anne Whitfield, Walter Tetley
Director: Paul Phillips
Producer: Ward Byron, Bill Lawrence
Host: Dick Powell
Broadcast: 10th July 1954
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Broadcast: 14th December 1949
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Broadcast: 5th September 1951
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Broadcast: 8th January 1950
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Broadcast: 29th December 1952
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Broadcast: 6th October 1949
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Broadcast: 25th September 1949
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Broadcast: 17th October 1954
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Broadcast: 24th January 1951
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Broadcast: December 24, 1951
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