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Camel Cigarettes

Show Count: 13
Series Count: 2
Role: Old Time Radio Star
Old Time Radio
Abbott & Costello ShowAbbott & Costello Show
Show Count: 77
Broadcast History: 3 July 1940 to 26 March 1949
Sponsor: Camel Cigarettes
Cast: Lou Costello, Bud Abbott, Mel Blanc, Frank Nelson, Sid Fields, Iris Adrian, Martha Wentworth, Sharon Douglas, Verna Felton
Producer: Martin Gosch
After working as Fred Allen's summer replacement, Abbott and Costello joined Edgar Bergen and Charlie McCarthy on The Chase and Sanborn Hour in 1941, while two of their films (Buck Privates and Hold That Ghost) were adapted for Lux Radio Theater. They launched their own weekly show October 8, 1942, sponsored by Camel cigarettes.
Jimmy Durante Show, TheJimmy Durante Show, The
Show Count: 42
Broadcast History: 10 September 1933 to 30 June 1950
Sponsor: Texaco, Camel Cigarettes, Rexall
Cast: Elvia Allman, Hope Emerson, Jimmy Durante, Florence Halop, Arthur Treacher, Victor Moore, Alan Young, Don Ameche
Producer: Phil Cohan
Broadcast: October 11, 1943
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Broadcast: April 12, 1943
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Broadcast: October 13, 1949
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Broadcast: March 11, 1945
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Broadcast: May 13, 1940
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Broadcast: February 23, 1950
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