Wilms Herbert

Show Count: 103
Series Count: 7
Role: Old Time Radio Star
Old Time Radio
Jeff Regan, InvestigatorJeff Regan, Investigator
Show Count: 45
Broadcast History: 10 July 1948 to 18 December 1948, and 5 October 1949 to 27 August 1950
Cast: Jack Webb, Wilms Herbert, Frank Graham, Frank Nelson
Producer: Sterling Tracy
Show Count: 76
Broadcast History: 6 February 1950 to 25 September 1952
Sponsor: General Mills for Wheaties
Cast: Frank Lovejoy, William Conrad, Stacy Harris, Wilms Herbert, Lurene Tuttle, Junius Matthews, Jack Kruschen, Joan Banks, Jeanne Bates, Peter Leeds, Larry Dobkin
Director: Warren Lewis
Producer: Warren Lewis
“Hi, this is Randy Stone. I cover the nightbeat for the Chicago Star. My stories start in many different ways. This one began…”
Broadcast: 15th February 1950
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Broadcast: 31st July 1949
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Broadcast: 17th November 1950
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Broadcast: 3rd July 1949
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Broadcast: 18th August 1944
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