Louise Erickson

Show Count: 88
Series Count: 3
Role: Old Time Radio Star
Old Time Radio
Born: February 28, 1928, Oakland, California, USA

Louise Erickson (February 28, 1928) was an American radio and film actress  who starred in the 1940's radio teenage sitcom A Date with Judy in the title role.

Personal life

Erickson was born in Oakland, California. She was the third actress to play bobby soxer Judy on the long running radio series that debuted in 1941. Erickson made her debut in the series in 1943 and would remain in the role for the rest of the series run, which ended in 1950. She made just a handful of motion pictures during this era. She was married to actor Ben Gazzara from 1951 until 1957.

Source: Wikipedia

Alan Young Show, TheAlan Young Show, The
Show Count: 57
Broadcast History: 28 June 1944 to 20 September 1944, 3 October 1944 to 28 June 1946, 20 September 1946 to 30 May 1947, and 11 January 1949 to 5 July 1949
Cast: Alan Young, Jean Gillespie, Doris Singleton, Ed Begley, Louise Erickson, Jim Backus, Nicodemus Stewart, Hal March, Ken Christy
Director: Helen Mack
Producer: Helen Mack
The series began on NBC Radio as a summer replacement situation comedy in 1944, featuring vocalist Bea Wain. It then moved to ABC Radio with Jean Gillespie portraying Young's girlfriend Betty. The program was next broadcast by NBC for a 1946-47 run and was off in 1948. When it returned to NBC in 1949, Louise Erickson played Betty and Jim Backus was heard as snobbish playboy Hubert Updike III.
Granby's Green AcresGranby's Green Acres
Show Count: 6
Broadcast History: 3 July 1950 to 21 August 1950
Cast: Bea Benaderet, Gale Gordon, Parley Baer, Louise Erickson
Director: Jay Sommers
Producer: Jay Sommers
Broadcast: 12th August 1945
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Broadcast: 9th September 1945
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Broadcast: August 1, 1944
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Broadcast: 22nd October 1945
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Broadcast: 6th February 1945
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Broadcast: 18th February 1947
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Broadcast: January 23, 1945
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Broadcast: May 18, 1948
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Broadcast: 18th May 1946
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Broadcast: 9th April 1946
Starring: Louise Erickson
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Broadcast: 22nd September 1950
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Broadcast: 4th May 1948
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