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Big Lift The

Big Lift The

Broadcast: January 18, 1951
Added: Jan 22 2022

The Big Lift is a romantic drama beginning in April1948 three years after the end of WWII. Paul Douglas reprises his 1950 film role as Hank Kowalski, an air force ground control officer still fighting the war, who hates the Germans after spending time in a prisoner of war camp. In this first radio adaptation Edmond O'Brien plays the part of Danny MacCullough who falls for a German woman, Frederica when the 19th Troop Carrier Squadron is bound for a new job in Berlin.  Berlin is inside the Russian zone of Germany and the Russians have created a blockade closing off all ways in to the city, the result being the city has no food or fuel or things that help a city run. The role of the Squadron is lift supplies to the city of Berlin. Hank is sore at having to relocate to Berlin and when he meets Gerda, he doesn't treat her very nice because she's German. Danny on the other hand falls in love with hard working Frederica but things in her past make their relationship doomed.