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Best Bang for Your
Entertainment Dollar


"I happened across this site when I was producing a compendium of all my favorite shows and corresponding episodes. My goal was to assemble all my favorite shows via date played. I about fell over when I first found the selection of shows, which is 2nd to none on the internet. Then I played some shows from the visitors site and found what excellent sound quality it had. Then I found I could organize everything via date. After all that, I found what a low, low price it was to become a member. I'm a quarterly member and am on the site everyday. I listen to my shows everyday (I don't own a tv.), and am now downloading all my favorite shows. I am truly a very happy and satisfied customer. Thank-you, Ned and Joy for all you do!"

-- Paul, Bellefontaine, Ohio


"I just wanted to say how wonderful the website is that Joy and Ned have. When I found it, I was just in heaven. My husband has been an old-time-radio buff for many years, and I found RUSC -- and I said,“Oh, my gosh! This is perfect!” You can download and you can burn CDs and listen to all the old-time-radio shows you want for hardly any money each month. It is possibly the best web site that I have ever found. Thank you so much, Joy and Ned!"

--Dorothy, Tucson, Arizona


"I feel like a kid in a candy store! At RUSC, I can download and listen to all of the old-time-radio shows in RUSC's amazing online archives containing thousands of shows. I don't have to waste my money buying old-time-radio CDs. All the old-time-radio shows are made available free of charge to members of RUSC-- and membership costs only a quarter a day! You won't find a better deal than this if you tried!"
-Maria V., Los Angeles, California


"I’ve been a member for more than two years. One of the first things I do each morning is to go online to see what new material has been added to the already wonderful library of available shows. My entertainment dollar never before has brought me so much for so little. Thank you Ned and Joy.

-- Frank, Westchester, Pennsylvania


R U Seated Comfortably is the biggest bargain in good entertainment on the entire web. Believe me, I’ve looked. Good family fare and high quality recordings that can be taken with you, which is wonderful. A database that includes detectives, which my family just loves, especially Marlow. We were really thrilled to hear Crippin done by Ned and Dave. Very, very good job."

-- Karen, Latrobe, Pennsylvania


"If you listen around to old radio shows on the air, they usually come with an ad. For 30 bucks a month you get 4 shows, or for $30.00 a month, you get two shows -- or whatever -- and it’s really expensive. I think they’re gouging older people because they don’t know about the RUSC service. I found RUSC maybe two years ago. I'm paying only $7.50 a month and they allow you to download as many as, if you have the time, 20 shows (or more) a day for that kind of money. So it would be ridiculous to get them anyplace else."

-- Doug, Seattle, Washington


"I just discovered OTR last Christmas. I've been buying off e-Bay and downloading from FTP sites and Napster. Before I got lots of heartbreaking broken downloads, extremely slow downloads, and spent hours searching the web for downloads. None of that here at RUSC!!! Fast downloads, everything I want is right here, and I haven't had a broken download yet!! I'm disabled, which means I'm long on time and short on cash. This web site is the best value I've run across in ages. Thank you for all your hard work in making this site available to us OTR fans."


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Best Old-Time-Radio
Site on the Web

"Here I am just a rookie, but already I've downloaded several favorites. This service rates Infinity on a scale of 1 to 10." -- Bill


" I love your site and hope it continues. It is the best OTR site of its kind on the web. Keep up the good work." -- CC

"The site is the greatest on-line OTR site I have found" -- Dan


"Compared to the majority of old time radio sites out there, yours is the oasis in the desert. Thank you for the great site and keep up the good work." -- Steve


"You have the VERY VERY BEST OTR site I have ever used" -- Jim

"RUSC was already fabulous...but now it is the FABULOUS-EST! Great job. I recommend RUSC to all my friends and family. I made up a few cards with the RUSC site address and keep them in my wallet for handing out at WalMart or wherever I might be and run across someone interested in old time radio shows. You know, there's no telling how many lives have been enriched because of your dedication to RUSC. GOD BLESS YOU!" -- Ben


"RUSC is far and away the best OTR site on the Internet" -- JS


"I would consider it a major loss if you were not on the Internet, to me, your site is the best of the best. Keep up the good work. I wish there was 10 Ned's so you could produce more of these programs. Thank you for your great work." -- John


"I love the site, its the best! I've been a member for about a year and a half and you do a great job. Keep up the good work" -- Brian


"You're the best site on the web..." -- Richard

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Wonderful Nostalgic Experiences

"R U Sitting Comfortably has actually been a Godsend for me. It’s just a great opportunity to be able to visit a time that for me was a kinder and gentler time. I especially like the Life of Riley, the Great Gildersleeve, Our Miss Brooks, all those types of sensible comedies. I also just absolutely love Alice Fay and Jack Benny. I also do enjoy the dramas and the Sci-Fi, Lux Radio. This just really has opened up and totally new hobby for me. I want to thank you so much.

-- Liz, Windham, Maine

"I’m a Ph.D. student at Cornell. Um, I originally got interested in old-time radio from my mom, who constantly told me about rationing and the war and the stories that interested her from the radioand one of her favorites was “The Shadow” and I got so isolated in the winters here up in Ithaca that, and I didn’t have television, so I got on the web and I started looking for “The Shadow” and I actually found you, or at least your web site, and I have to say that I have not been so happy with a web site before. This is fantastic. Every day there’s something new and I make CDs for my mother and it just brings back memories for her. She is now 65 and it’s just really great for me because I get a sense of Americana and especially with the commercials that come on with a lot of these shows. I find those to be absolutely wonderful and I just like the language, the optimism, the strange essentializing of stereotypes, etc., that all these shows have. It sort of shows us where we’ve come from as a country and I really appreciate your service."
-- Amanada, Ithaca, New York

"I’m a 66-year-old man and I found this site through a friend of mine who was following a link and I just can’t tell you just how great this has been. I am listening to shows that I never thought I would hear again. You have a wonderful selection of shows, which, at a price of $7.50 a month, is unbelievable. It’s priceless. I sit by the hour and I play cards and I listen to the different shows and I have burned many of them and given some to my friends and I just want to say this walk down memory lane has just been marvelous -- to listen to shows I listened to as a kid, to be able to use my mind to visualize mysteries and other shows that I have not heard for years. It’s just so much better than television. I want to thank you. This is a gift from you to me and to the world."
-- Marshall, Carol Stream, Illinois

"I really appreciate the service that RU Sitting Comfortably provides. I love old time radio. I’ve loved old time radio since I was nine years old and was first exposed to it when I lived with my parents in the South Pacific. There they had no television, but Armed Forces Radio on Sunday nights would run several hours worth of old time radio, including some new shows which Armed Forces Radio themselves produced. And it is wonderful to have a chance to listen to these old shows which are not, in many cases, available elsewhere. And I enjoy being able to download them, to listen to them as I drive, because I am able to load them onto CDs. And I also was thrilled that you took the risk to add radio drama, which I thoroughly enjoy and hope that you do more of them. Thank you."


-- Larry, Cherry Hill, New Jersey


"Man, I can’t begin to tell you what a wonderful service RUSC is. Ahhh... the old-time radio shows give me a chance to close my eyes and go back a few years to when I really enjoyed listening to radio in front of a fireplace. I really, really love it -- and RUSC On-Demand is absolutely the best thing that's happened to me, my office and my home. It’s on all the time!"


-- Howard, Chicago, Illinois

"Your radio site is awesome. Thank you for a great escape back to some wonderful memories"

-- Johnny

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Amazing Selection of Shows

"Woweee!!! I felt like I struck a gold mine when I found your website yesterday. I subscribed to RUSC and can hardly pry myself away from your radio shows. I work on the computer out of my home and I love to listen to these shows while I work. Thanks, Ned. Again, I say: Woweee -- I love these!"

-- Sue McConnell, Oklahoma

I just want to thank Ned and Joy for such a fabulous web site. I just can’t tell you how great this web site is for me. I’ve become a collector of old time radio shows recently and the variety on here is just unbelievable. For the price, you cannot beat it.Every day there’s new updates -‑ well, minus one day a week. But those days I go and I grab some other stuff I don’t have. There is just so much stuff on this site that I don’t think I’ll ever get through it. I’ve been a member for about a year now and I plan on being a lifetime member.


-- Monique, Chicago, Illinois

"I started using R-U-S-C about 3 or 4 months ago because you don’t have to trade shows and there’s a lot of hard-to-find shows. It was hard to find a lot of the shows, especially when it came to I Love Adventure and I Love a Mystery and many of the other Johnny Dollars. So I really appreciate the service and it’s been a great asset to my radio-loving collection.


-- Daniel, St. Cloud, Minnesota

"I’m pleased with the R‑U‑S‑C site. This is my second year. Big fan of old-time radio. I download and put them on MP3 disks for travel. I find download speeds good. And I have written several emails to Ned and received answers to every one of them. The selection is outstanding and that brings me a lot of pleasures and reminds me of my days when I was ten years old listening to the radio under the covers at night. So thanks again, Ned.


 -- Bob, Steger, Illinois


"Your site is tremendous! Everything works smoothly and the selection of shows is the best I've seen. You are truly performing a great service by making the "golden age of radio" available to enjoy all over again"

-- Dick

"I just joined and am very impressed with the variety and number of radio shows. I am looking forward to many enjoyable hours of listening pleasure. Thanks for all of your efforts. "



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Easy to Use and Enjoy

"The site is easy to navigate, loads fast and files are a breeze to download-- Larry

"I just wanted to write and tell you how much I appreciate the new downloading feature. I love listening to old time radio shows and you site makes it so convenient to find ones I haven't heard before. I am amazed at the time and dedication you put into the site and I hope you continue with it for a long time to come. "

-- Anna

"I really love your site, very professional and easy to use."




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Listen to Old-Time-Radio Shows
Anytime ... and Any Place

"First of all, thanks a million for all the great programs. I love old time radio and listening to the shows makes my daily commute much more enjoyable than listening to the news!"

-- Chas

I love your site. You have given me the ability to turn my car into a time machine. It is like a 2-hour commute. I don't know what I would do without you. Thanks for being there".


-- Bill, Hackettstown, New Jersey


"I just wanted to say how much I like the R U You Sitting Comfortably web site. As a graduate student, I don’t have as much time to read fiction as I would like and being able to download the wonderful radio stories allows me to enjoy fiction while I am doing other things, and do the whole multi-tasking thing. So, I think it’s wonderful that you guys make these shows available. Thanks a lot."

-- Kathy, Boulder, Colorado



"Just wanted to let you know, Ned, this has been one of my great pleasures in life. I download the shows onto regular CDs to play in the car and I even bought a CD player that plays MP3s so I could use them out of my sailboat. I listen to them at my home office when I’m working a lot and I just want you to know I appreciate the service. I like listening to the radio programs. I don’t care how old they are. It’s just the fact they’re really good --good dramas and good detective stories and good comedians and I just enjoy it. Thank you much."

-- John, Grennan Hills, Illinois


"I just wanted to drop you a line to tell you that RUSC is a Godsend for people like me and my wife who are tied to a computer all day. The shows really help pass the time and not go COMPLETELY nuts!"

-- Andrew and Jeanie

"My vacation chore this summer has been to paint the inside and outside of my house. thanks to the many hours of RUSC shows I have taped, the 'chore' has turned into a real pleasure as my wife and I listen, enjoy, and slap paint. thanks for your works and efforts."


-- Ken


"I listen to the shows in the morning on the bus coming to work.I listen on the bus going home from work and probably without it there would probably be the most boring ride I could imagine. I just want to thank you guys for letting me have a chance to listen to so many great shows."
-- Morty, New York City

"I’ve only been a member for a short time, but I’m really enjoying it. I used to buy CDs of old time radio from different people, but this is so much better, a lot wider variety and ease of access. I have very little technical problems with it. I think the setup that you have works really well. I use it for a number of things.I download onto CDs and listen to it in the car, especially on family trips and stuff. And I also have a pocket PC that I download shows onto it and then use it with headphones for walking and riding a bicycle on a trail that we have in our area. And in the evening sometimes I listen to it while I play solitaire or something on the computer. My whole family pretty much enjoys it. My daughter listens to a lot of ‘em. My personal favorites are Amos and Andy, and Dragnet. So, I’d just like to say thank you and keep up the good work."
-- Robert, Williamsburg, Pennsylvania

"I’m a shut-in because of some health problems, so you have become my only real source of entertainment. We live in a very poor TV reception area. I have some high voltage lines between me and Mount Wilson. Consequently, TV reception sucks. So,I get up in the morning, come in, download some shows, put them on the CD and then in the evening I go in and crash with my Sony portable and my Old Time shows and relive history. You guys are a Godsend."
-- Ron, Yorba

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Young Adults, Teenagers
- Even Kids -
Love Old-Time Radio

"I’m in my late 20s. I’ve been listening to radio shows since I was a teenager. My dad got me into it. I stumbled uponRU Sitting Comfortably and I was just amazed at the options of the many shows there. I was wasting money on CDs and, you know, some shows I really didn’t care about, buying a lot of stuff at bookstores. And here for a pretty reasonable price I had tons and tons and hundreds of radio shows at my access. I’m also a teacher and I teach elementary kids and I’ve also taught middle school kids and they really enjoy these radio shows. If you turn the lights off and on forI t’s StrangeDr. Weird, and Suspense -- they even like the comedy shows and we talk about some of the shows that kids listened to back then. They find that very, very fascinating and they always really did enjoy these shows. So, it’s not just for adults. Kids can enjoy it as well. So, I highly recommend that you subscribe today."

-- Brian, Atlanta, Georgia


"The R U Sitting Comfortably web site is probably one of the greatest collections of old time radio available either on the web or in the retail market. The abundance of shows, the variety of shows, the quality of the shows and organization put into this web site and this service are surpassed by none. Being a young person, I’m only 33 years old, I obviously didn’t grow up in the time of the old time radio, but became hooked on theCBS Radio Mystery re-broadcast in the late 70s and have always enjoyed the different audio tapes in the library and to have these shows available on the Internet is just remarkable and they have so many shows to choose from and the great information that’s included on this web site of the actors, the directors, the broadcast dates and the synopsis of the episodes,you know, so many of these are lost and they have this collection available is just unbelievably great. So thank you Ned and thank you RUSC for this great opportunity to enjoy these talents at work." 

-- Mike, Rosemount, Minnesota

"I have been listening to R U Sitting Comfortably for about almost 3 years now. It’s been an exciting thing for me because I wasn’t born until 1955 and so I missed almost all of these radio shows. I have learned so much and enjoyed them. What a variety you have. I have shared them with children and they also have learned to love them."

-- Shawna, Heber City, Utah

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Superb Sound Quality

"I consider myself fortunate in being able to bring up your old-time radio shows on the computer. It takes me back a long time ago when I was a youngster when some of these shows were actually being broadcast over the radio ... I’m truly amazed at the quality of sound that the different shows have... the voices are in totally good shape. I’m glad to recommend this to anybody who’s willing to listen."

-- Bill, McMinnville, Oregon

"I really want to thank you for your reply. I have never had so much fun with OTR. This is the most magnificent web site. Your taste in OTR is impeccable and the sound quality is superb. This has become a real hobby for me and you are a big part of it. Again, maybe you are not told enough but there are many more like myself who appreciate all your effort." 


-- Joe

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Miscellaneous Rave Reviews

"Ned, Thanks you for all your hard work. How much you care about RUSC really shows, and you and the web site mean a lot to us. Thanks and God bless!" -- Gary


"I just want to tell you that you have a really great site. I feel like I have hit the jackpot." -- KMK


"RUSC is the love of my life and I can't imagine having to do without it!" -- Ben


"You have certainly added a wonderful new experience to our year. We cannot tell you enough how much we enjoy the OTR. Please never lose your enthusiasm for these priceless programs, we sure don't." -- Joe and Lynn


"Thank you so much for your wonderful service. It is the most exciting thing I have discovered since discovering my love of old radio many years ago." -- Jim


"Thanks for your replies and your willingness to dig around and find this stuff. I am constantly delighted and entertained by the programs. RUSC and you are terrific and I will continue to recommend both to my friends." -- Chas


"I have been meaning to send you a note to say how much I have enjoyed the radio shows I've downloaded from your site. Your site has helped me discover so many wonderful shows I wasn't aware of! Thanks again for the enjoyment you have given to me through your wonderful site!" -- Jim


"Thanks again for a great product. I have enjoyed the shows more that I can tell." -- Ben

"You have a great site that has provided many hours of enjoyment since I subscribed, Thank You!" -- Jeff


"Thanks for the great shows" -- Jerry

"By the way, LOVE the site. So glad I became a member!" -- Laurie

"You have a great site." -- Andrew

"I just wanted to let you know what a great site you have. I have been collecting shows for a long time and it is nice that you give your time to put these wonderful shows on the net for everyone to enjoy." -- John


"I especially like the way you give descriptions of the shows." -- Larry


"I found your site quite by accident. A wonderful accident" -- Robert


"I love your site" -- Steven


"Keep up the great work." -- Ken


"Love your site!!!!! Works good with my screen reader. Keep up the good work" -- Hank


"I recently subscribed to your web site, I think its great." -- Kenneth


"I just wanted to thank you for all of the Superman episodes! I absolutely love them! Keep them coming! Keep up the good work!! " -- John


"Your website is great! I never knew there were so many other people who loved old radio shows. Thanks for all your efforts!" -- Robin


"Keep those superman shows coming! You've been posting them faster than I can find time to listen to them! That's just another reason why RUSC is the only OTR site I have a radio button for on my browser!" -- William


"You truly are the OTR GOD. Thanks for all your hard work" -- Jim


"My brother thought I would enjoy your web site. He's absolutely right. Wonderful! " -- SD


"You are the best site on the web ... don't go the way of Napster." -- Richard B.


"Feel like a kid in a candy store!" -- Vic


"Finally thanks for an excellent website ... keep up the good work it is very much appreciated." -- Clive


"Thanks again for the great site! " -- Andrew


"Thanks for a great site!" -- Mike


"You have a great site. Please keep up the wonderful work." -- Jan


"Thanks for the site. Keep up the excellent work!" -- Daniel


"Thank you for all the effort you are giving to this site, I, and I'm sure all the others, really appreciate it." -- Verne


"Thanks Ned. Your service is so great. You are one of my super heroes!" -- Jim

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