John Conte

Show Count: 30
Series Count: 2
Role: Old Time Radio Star
Old Time Radio
Born: September 15, 1915, Palmer, Massachusetts, USA
Died: September 4, 2006, Rancho Mirage, California, USA

John Conte (15 September 1915 — 4 September 2006) was a stage, film and TV actor, and later a television station owner.

Conte was born in Palmer, Massachusetts. His mother, Maria (later known as Mary), emigrated to the U.S. from Calabria, Italy, with her lifelong friend Francesca Cuda, who had moved to Los Angeles, California before the Conte family. To be closer to Francesca, the family moved to L.A. in John's teens. After graduating from L.A.'s Lincoln High School he got jobs as a radio actor and singer. One of his first regular roles was on the Burns and Allen radio show in the 1940s.

In 1947, he appeared in Rodgers and Hammerstein's short-lived Broadway musical Allegro. He returned to Broadway in 1950 to appear in the musical Arms and the Girl.

His television career began as master of ceremonies of a 1951 late Sunday afternoon comedy hour emanating from New York called Star Time, co-starring Frances Langford andLew Parker as John and Blanche Bickerson ("The Bickersons") as well as sound-effects master stand-up comedian Reginald Gardner. He own hilarious weekly solo skit on Star Time was as a heavily accented Italian-American chef (all in white, complete with huge muffin-shaped chef's hat) bumblingly preparing recipes as he recited them along with frequent tangential references to "the homemade-a wine" fermenting in his bathtub visible from the kitchen.

This led to a featured guest appearance with Sid Caesar on Your Show of Shows perhaps a year later. He then hosted Matinee Theater, a live-drama series on NBC (one of the first daytime shows on network television) and followed this with guest appearances on the 1960s Perry Mason courtroom series (with Raymond Burr in the title role).

His major film role was "Drunky" in The Man with the Golden Arm (1955).

In 1968 he and his long-term third wife, Sirpuhe Philibosian Conte, launched KMIR-TV, an NBC-affiliated UHF station in the Palm Springs–Rancho Mirage market. The Contes built KMIR into the third-largest station in the Coachella Valley, and after thirty years (in 1999) sold the station to Milwaukee-based Journal Communications.

He was a founding sponsor of the Eisenhower Medical Center in Rancho Mirage, and one of the founders of the McCallum Theatre in Palm Desert, California.

In 1997, a Golden Palm Star on the Walk of Stars was dedicated to him.

He died of natural causes at the Eisenhower Medical Center he had helped to found, ninety years of age.

Source: Wikipedia

Baby Snooks ShowBaby Snooks Show
Show Count: 154
Broadcast History: 29 February 1936 to 6 June 1936, 23 December 1937 to 25 July 1940, 5 September 1940 to 15 June 1944, 17 September 1944 to 28 May 1948, and 8 November 1949 to 22 May 1951
Cast: Lois Corbett, Fanny Brice, Hanley Stafford, Lalive Brownell, Arlene Harris, Leone Ledoux, Alan Reed, Danny Thomas, Charlie Cantor, Ken Christy, Irene Tedrow, Frank Nelson, Ben Alexander, Lillian Randolph, Elvia Allman, Earl Lee, Sara Berner
Director: Mann Holiner, Al Kaye, Ted Bliss, Walter Bunker, Arthur Stander
Producer: Mann Holiner, Al Kaye, Ted Bliss, Walter Bunker, Arthur Stander
Burns & AllenBurns & Allen
Show Count: 161
Broadcast History: 15 February 1932 to 13 June 1934, 19 September 1934 to 24 March 1937, 12 April 1937 to 1 August 1938, 30 September 1938 to 23 June 1939, 4 October to 1939 to 26 June 1940, 1 July 1940 to 24 March 1941, 7 October 1941 to 30 June 1942, 6 October 1942 to 25 June 1945, 20 September 1945 to 23 June 1949 and 21 September 1949 to 17 May 1950
Sponsor: Robert Burns Panatella, White Owl Cigars, Campbell Soups, Grape Nuts, Chesterfield Cigarettes, Hinds Cream, Hormel Meats, Lever Brothers, Swan Soap, Maxwell House Coffee Time, Block Drugs
Cast: Gracie Allen, George Burns, Elvia Allman, Mel Blanc, Margaret Brayton, Sara Berner, Clarence Nash, Elliott Lewis, Mary Lee Robb, Richard Crenna, Joseph Kearns, Eric Snowden, Bea Benaderet, Hal March, Gerald Mohr, Marvin Miller, Wally Maher, Doris Singleton, Dawn Bender, Tommy Bernard, Gale Gordon, Hans Conried
Director: Ed Gardner, Ralph Levy, Al Kaye
Producer: Ed Gardner, Ralph Levy, Al Kaye
Broadcast: October 2, 1947
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Broadcast: 11th December 1938
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Broadcast: 18th December 1938
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