What is RUSC?

RUSC (short for R U Sitting Comfortably) is a membership site that my wife, Joy, and I -- both avid fans of old-time-radio -- started in 1999 (twenty years ago!) with one objective:
We wanted to build a website with the best compilation of old-time-radio shows available anywhere, where enthusiasts like ourselves could stop by anytime -- day or night, 24/7 -- and enjoy listening to as many of their favorite old-time-radio shows as they want.
Today, we're gratified to know that our humble website is widely acknowledged as the best old-time-radio (OTR) website on the Internet.

"Compared to the majority of old time radio sites out there, yours is the oasis in the desert. Thank you for the great site and keep up the good work." --Steve

"You have the very very best OTR site I have ever used!" -- Jim

"RUSC was already fabulous...but now it is the'fabulous-est'! Great job. I recommend RUSC to all my friends and family. I made up a few cards with the RUSC site address and keep them in my wallet for handing out at WalMart or wherever I might be and run across someone interested in old-time-radio shows. You know, there's no telling how many lives have been enriched because of your dedication to RUSC. God bless you!" -- Ben

rusc-old-time-radio-testimonials.aspx">rave reviews.

Over the last 10 years, I've personally hand-picked over 35,000 of the best old-time-radio shows I could find, and added them to the RUSC library for all members to enjoy.  In the meantime, Joy has been tirelessly helping members get the most enjoyment out of their RUSC membership.

When you become a member of RUSC

, you will have access to all 35,000+ old-time-radio shows in the RUSC library, consisting of the best programs from the 1930s, 40s and 50s.  The number of shows grows daily as I continue to add more shows to the library every single day of the year (including weekends and holidays) -- except Wednesdays when Joy and I take a break. 

You can choose shows from 10 different categories:  

  • Hilarious COMEDY classics - like Fibber McGee and Father Knows Best
  • Thrilling DETECTIVE stories - like The Adventures of Sam Spade and Nero Wolfe
  • Gripping DRAMA - like Lux Radio and Dr. Kildare
  • Fun-filled JUVENILE adventures - like Speed Gibson and Tarzan
  • Mind-expanding QUIZ SHOWS - like You Bet Your Life and Information Please
  • Riveting SCI-FI action - like X Minus 1 and 2000 Plus
  • Heart-pounding THRILLERS - like Suspense and Quiet Please
  • Wild, wild WESTERNS - like Gunsmoke and Six Shooter
  • Foot-tapping VARIETY AND MUSIC SHOWS - like Al Jolson Show andGlenn Miller

[Click here to view a partial list of the shows in the various categories.]

Join RUSC Now

ALL of the wonderful shows in RUSC's library are available for you to download to your own computer.  Once you have downloaded the shows you want, here are just some of the ways you can enjoy them:

1 You can listen to them directly from your computer. 
2 You can transfer them to a portable MP3 player, iPhone, iPod, Blackberry, or
       other smart phone.. 
3 If you have a CD burner, you can burn the shows onto a compact disc,
       and you can listen to it on your stereo or while driving in your car. 
4 You can connect your PC to your stereo and record the shows onto cassette

So there you have it!  When you become a member of RUSC, you can download and listen to all the old-time-radio shows you want -- for FREE.  Unlike other old-time radio websites that charge a considerable amount of money for the privilege of listening to the old-time-radio shows (typically $.99 to $12.99 per CD), RUSC is a not-for-profit, family-run website. All the old-time-radio shows are made available free of charge to RUSC members -- and membership costs only $7.50* a month!

*Membership fees go towards covering hardware costs, server space, bandwidth, general administration, and maintenance of the site.

Join RUSC Now

Within minutes ...
you'll be downloading
old-time-radio shows like a pro!

The RUSC website has been designed to be very easy to use.  Even if you're a complete novice, you'll be downloading shows to your computer within minutes -- and if you ever do run into a problem, Joy and I are always happy to help in whatever way we can.

Many of our members are so happy with RUSC that they've vowed to be lifetime members.  Joy and I are convinced that you, too, will feel the same way.  Here's what some of our members have to say:

"I just want to thank Ned and Joy for such a fabulous web site. I just can’t tell you how great this web site is for me. I’vebecome a collector of old time radio showsrecently and thevariety on here is just unbelievable. For the price, you cannot beat it.Every day there’s new updates -‑ well, minusone day a week. But those days I go and I grab some other stuff I don’t have. There is just so much stuff on this site that I don’t think I’ll ever get through it. I’ve been a member for about a year now and I plan on being alifetime member.
-- Monique, Chicago, Illinois

R USitting Comfortably is thebiggest bargain in good entertainment on the entire web. Believe me, I’ve looked.Good family fareandhigh quality recordingsthatcan be taken with you, which is wonderful. A database that includesdetectives, which my family just loves, especially Marlow. We were really thrilled to hear Crippin done by Ned and Dave. Very, very good job." 
-- Karen, Latrobe, Pennsylvania

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