One Man's Family

One Man's Family

There's probably only a handful of radio listeners throughout the United States who are not familiar with the name of Barbour. The Barbour's of Sea Cliff, San Francisco that is.

The Barbour's were the family at the center of the longest running dramatic serial in the history of American radio.

A simple drama of American family life, One Man's Family, was written by perhaps the greatest old time radio show creator of them all, Carlton E. Morse, who also wrote series such as I Love A Mystery.

With most of the actors sticking around throughout its entire 27-year run, the quality of the performances from the cast was superb. The main character, Henry Barbour was played by J. Anthony Smythe (pictured to the top right),  for the whole series, and the plots centered on his career as a stockbroker, his wife Fanny and their five children Paul, Hazel, the twins Clifford and Claudia, and Jack).  

There were literally millions of listeners, and thousands of episodes, and each day brought stories of the Barbour family's loves, sorrows, adventures and joys, as believable dramas with 'real' people.

What surprised me was the way it was presented to the public, with episodes divided into books and chapters. In total, there were 136 books, with 3256 chapters! Sadly, we only have around 350 more episodes to add to RUSC, but I've tried to preserve the books/chapters in the correct order so it will be easy for you to follow!

Broadcast: 28th December 1941
Starring: J. Anthony Smythe
Added: Dec 28 2004
Broadcast: August 23, 1942
Added: Apr 24 2021
Broadcast: 15th August 1943
Starring: Minetta Ellen
Added: Sep 20 2004
Broadcast: 29th August 1943
Starring: J. Anthony Smythe
Added: Sep 21 2004
Broadcast: November 7, 1943
Starring: J. Anthony Smythe
Added: Apr 29 2021
Broadcast: July 4, 1949
Added: Apr 18 2021
Broadcast: July 4, 1949
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Broadcast: July 18, 1949
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Broadcast: 4th September 1950
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Broadcast: 5th September 1950
Added: Jan 08 2006
Broadcast: 4th March 1957
Starring: Richard Svihus
Added: Jul 25 2004
Broadcast: 5th March 1957
Starring: J. Anthony Smythe
Added: Aug 01 2004
Broadcast: 6th March 1957
Starring: Page Gilman
Added: Aug 08 2004
Broadcast: 7th March 1957
Starring: Russell Thorson
Added: Aug 15 2004
Broadcast: 8th April 1957
Starring: J. Anthony Smythe
Added: Aug 22 2004
Broadcast: April 9, 1957
Starring: Bill Idelson
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Broadcast: 10th April 1957
Starring: Barbara Fuller
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Broadcast: 11th April 1957
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Broadcast: 14th March 1958
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Broadcast: 17th March 1958
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Broadcast: 18th March 1958
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Broadcast: March 19, 1958
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