Paula Winslowe

Show Count: 200
Series Count: 7
Role: Old Time Radio Star
Old Time Radio
Born: March 23, 1910, Grafton, North Dakota
Died: March 6, 1996, Los Angeles, California

Born on March 23, 1910, Paula Winslowe became a formidable voice for radio during the 1930s. She was best known as Peg Riley, the long-suffering wife of Chester Riley in the popular radio (and television) show, The Life of Riley.

Winslowe was also cast in radio shows such as Broadway Is My Beat and Big Town. She played Mrs. Martha Conklin in Our Miss Brooks on radio and later on television. Paula was the voice you heard in the hit movie, Bambi, as Bambi’s mother.

In the early days of radio, Winslowe played the part of Miss Foster, Steve Wilson’s secretary in the crime-drama, Big Town, also starring Edward G. Robinson as Steve Wilson.

Big Town debuted in 1937 and the story line centered around a crusading newspaper, The Illustrated Press. Claire Trevor played the part of the paper’s society editor who joined the newspaper’s editor, Wilson, in crime-related adventures.

Winslowe became part of the cast of the radio crime drama, Broadway Is My Beat, along with Larry Thor, Mary Shipp and Ben Wright. Danny Glover was the main character in the show, which was mainly about a policeman’s beat on Broadway in New York.

Crime Classics was another crime-drama radio show that included Paula Winslowe in its cast. Crime Classics was a historical crime drama that reached as far back as the 17thcentury to recreate the facts of true crimes.

Winslowe also landed roles in one of radio’s most successful dramatic and adventure anthologies, Escape. Escape saw many stars of radio, movies and television such as William Conrad, Frank Lovejoy, Gloria Blondell and jack Webb.

Other than dramas, Winslowe was cast in roles in comedy shows such as The Halls of Ivy, which starred Ronald Coleman as William Todhunter Hall, president of Ivy College in “Ivy, U.S.A.”

Paula Winslowe played in some of the most popular radio shows of the past, including Suspense, Lux Radio Theater, Yours Truly Johnny Dollar, A Day In The Life Of Dennis Day, Frontier Gentleman, CBS Radio Workshop and Favorite Story.

In 1946, Winslowe was offered the role of Peg Riley in the highly acclaimed radio situation comedy, The Life of Riley. William Bendix played the part of Chester Riley and their children, Junior and Babs, were originally played by Conrad Binyon and Sharon Douglas.

After a long and illustrious career in radio and television, Paula Winslowe died on March 7, 1996 at the age of 85. She was survived by her husband, John and their four children, Eric, John, Ronald, and Diane.

Crime ClassicsCrime Classics
Show Count: 51
Broadcast History: June 1953 to June 1954
Cast: Lou Merrill, Ben Wright, Barney Phillips, Mary Jane Croft, Bill Johnstone, Paula Winslowe, Jeanette Nolan, Herb Butterfield, Betty Harford, Jack Kruschen, Irene Tedrow, John Dehner, Sam Edwards, Lillian Buyeff, Norma LeMond, Roy Rowan
Director: Elliott Lewis
Producer: Elliott Lewis
Crime Classics was a United States radio docudrama which aired as a sustaining series over CBS from June 15, 1953, to June 30, 1954.
Halls Of Ivy, TheHalls Of Ivy, The
Show Count: 84
Broadcast History: 6 June 1950 to 6 January 1952
Cast: Arthur Q. Bryan, Willard Waterman, Ronald Colman, Benita Hume Colman, Alan Reed, Herb Butterfield, Elizabeth Patterson, Gloria Gordon, Jerry Hausner, Paula Winslowe, Raymond Lawrence, Sheldon Leonard, Herb Vigran, Ken Christy, Jean Vander Pyl, Jeffrey Silver, Johnny McGovern, Charles Seel, Bob Seeney, Virginia Gregg, Rolfe Sedan
Director: Nat Wolff
Producer: Don Quinn, Nat Wolff
A situation comedy show, which follows the daily trials and tribulations of a college president in a small American College. It ran for two seasons from 1950 to 1952 and was aired at 8pm initially on Fridays and then on a Wednesday evening for the second season.
Treasury Star ParadeTreasury Star Parade
Show Count: 47
Broadcast History: April 1942 to 1944
Cast: Gale Gordon, Vincent Price, John Garfield, Paula Winslowe, Peter Donald
Director: William A. Bacher
Host: Henry Hull, Paul Douglas
Broadcast: 15th November 1947
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Broadcast: 26th January 1958
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Broadcast: 30th September 1954
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Broadcast: 6th July 1958
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Starring: Paula Winslowe
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Broadcast: 12th February 1947
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