Mona Freeman

Mona Freeman

Show Count: 10
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Role: Old Time Radio Star
Born: June 9, 1926
Old Time Radio, Baltimore, Maryland, USA

Mona Freeman (born June 9, 1926) is an American film actress.

Freeman was a model while in high school, and after becoming the first "Miss Subways" of the New York City transit system, eventually signed a movie contract with Howard Hughes. Her contract was later sold to Paramount Pictures. After 1944, she became a popular teenage movie star. As an adult, her career slowed and she appeared in mostly B-movies, though one exception was her role in the film noir Angel Face (1952). Also in 1952, she was called a "vest pocket Venus" by sculptor Yucca Salamunich because her proportions were the same as those of the Venus de Milo but three-quarter size. Her daughter, Mona Freeman, "Monie,"(b. 1947) became an actress as well. Freeman's appearances in films ended in the 1950s but she continued to work in television. Among her appearances were seven guest roles on The United States Steel Hour between 1960-1962 and three on Perry Mason, including roles as Mason's client Jane Wardman in the 1962 episode, "The Case of the Lurid Letter," and Rosanne Ambrose in the 1964 episode, "The Case of the Illicit Illusion."

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Broadcast: February 9, 1951
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