Loretta Young

Loretta Young

Show Count: 64
Series Count: 1
Role: Old Time Radio Star
Born: January 6, 1913
Old Time Radio, Salt Lake City, Utah, US
Died: August 12, 2000, Los Angeles, California, USA

Often dubbed one of the most beautiful actresses in Hollywood, Loretta Young made her radio debut long before her highly successful television and film career. In 1944, Young was cast in a radio drama and musical variety show called Everything For the Boys. Her show was titled Blythe Spirit, a drama written and produced by Arch Oboler.

Born in Salt Lake City, Utah on January 6, 1913, Young grew up to be more than merely beautiful. Her grace and elegance followed her through life and prompted other stars such as Marlene Dietrich to say, “Every time she sins, she builds a church.” Even as a young child the camera loved her, and as a young child Loretta was cast in some of the first films, including The Sheik.

Another radio program that Young was featured on, The Comedy Writers Show (1948), starred comedy writers for top comedians working through comedy skits for Groucho Marx, Bob Hope and Abbott and Costello. Young also appeared on the first episode of the dramatic program, Family Theater, and was instrumental in advising producer, Father Patrick Peyton, about how to introduce himself to top stars. She appeared on many episodes Family Theater, which became a very successful radio program during the 40s and early 50s.

Loretta Young starred with the rotating cast of three others -- Fred MacMurray, Robert Cummings and Rosalind Russell -- in dramatic plays on Four-Star Playhouse from July to September of 1949, but there were so many shows on the air that were similar that in the end, the program was short-lived.

Lux Radio Theater featured Loretta Young and Fred MacMurray more than any other stars on its programs – the show based on popular films of the era. She starred in 26 roles on the program, which also featured such stars as Mary Astor, Alan Ladd, Charles Boyer and Edward Arnold.

Some little-known facts about Loretta Young include that she had an illegitimate child with actor, Clark Gable. In an autobiography published after her death, she admitted that her adopted daughter was actually her biological daughter with Gable. During the 1960s, Young owned a successful New York cosmetics company. She turned down the starring part in It Happened One Night (1934), the role given to Claudette Colbert who later won the Oscar for Best Actress for that performance.

Loretta’s last performance was a television show, Lady in the Corner, in 1989. After retiring, Loretta spent 24 years happily living in Palm Springs, California. Loretta Young passed away of ovarian cancer on August 12, 2000 at the home of her sister, Georgiana Montalban and Georgina’s husband Ricardo Montalban.

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