Shadow of a Doubt

Shadow of a Doubt

Broadcast: November 9, 1950
Added: Feb 15 2021

Dramatic hour long production in which Cary Grant plays the protagonist in this Screen Director's Playhouse radio version of the 1943 film. The screen version was directed by Alfred Hitchcock who earned the title Master of Suspense. This radio adaptation is just as suspenseful! 

When Charlottes favorite uncle Charlie whom she was named after comes to visit she is really excited. Then when Jack Graham from the National Public Survey arrives at their house to interview the family and make an analysis of them uncle Charlie becomes very cagey and acts suspicious as to why their family had been picked. Uncle Charlies behavior becomes more erratic and he loses his temper over an article in a newspaper. When Charlotte discovers the article in the newspaper was about an escaped killer who preys on rich widowers and strangles them she comes to suspect that the killer may be her uncle.




Uncle Charlie comes to town, suspected of being "The Merry Widow Murderer.".