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Bishops Wife The

Bishops Wife The

Broadcast: December 19, 1949
Added: Dec 25 2020

The host William Keighley describes this as a Christmas present to you and what a wonderful Christmas present it is! I loved this hour long delightful comedy play, which has all the ingredients for a charming Christmas fantasy. 

David Niven reprises his 1947 Samuel Goldwyn film role as the Bishop, Henry Brougham and Jane Greer plays the part of the Bishop's wife.

Henry and his wife are busy raising money for the new cathedral and things are not going well as their hopes are on the wealthy and vain widow Mrs Hamilton who is very stubborn and insists that the Cathedral must be built her way or it won't be built at all.

Julia, the Bishop's wife feels that Henry has become so involved in the new cathedral he has forgotten about what makes him, his wife and the people around them happy. Lost, he prays for help from God and in answer to his prayer he is surprised at the entrance of Dudley, who claims to be an angel who has come to help him. Henry thinks he must be going mad but Dudley tells him he of all people must believe in angels! 

Whenever Dudley is around  little miracles begin to happen and he weaves his magic on everyone including Mrs Hamilton!