Broken Prelude Part 1

Broken Prelude Part 1

Broadcast: 11th December 1938
Added: Aug 25 2013

After three years in prison Julia Connors is being paroled in to the custody of Paul Thomas young deputy district attorney. She has always maintained her innocence but the evidence was against her. She knew that she had been framed by Marsha Wallis and planned on getting out and seeking her revenge though Paul Thomas warned her against this.

Before she left prison she was summonsed to the hospital ward to the death bed of soloist Anna Marloff whom she had shared a cell with for two years. Marloff asked Julia if she would go and see her 15 year old daughter Nina Marloff and to save her from her step father to give her a chance in life as a singer. Julia promises she will go but what's Marloff's kid to her when she's got her own business to attend to.