Leon Janney

Leon Janney

Show Count: 397
Series Count: 10
Role: Old Time Radio Star
Born: April 1, 1917
Old Time Radio, Ogden, Utah, U.S.
Died: October 28, 1980 , Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico
An American actor and radio personality between 1920 to 1980. Born Leon Ramon in Ogden, Utah, Janney made his first theatrical appearance at age two before an audience at the Pantages Theatre in his hometown. He spent the next several years in vaudeville, and also made his first appearance on radio in 1926, making the leap to legitimate theater soon after.

Leon Janney's movie debut came with Victor Sjöström's The Wind starring Lillian Gish. He soon began appearing in a string of movies portraying the boyhood incarnations of such actors as Ricardo Cortez, Reginald Denny, and Conrad Nagel. Producer Hal Roach took notice of Janney and hired him to appear in the Our Gang comedy Bear Shooters as "Spud". However, Roach realized that he was too old to gel with the other members of the gang, and Bear Shooters marked his only appearance as a Little Rascal. In 1931 Janney starred in the second film adaptation of Booth Tarkington'sPenrod and Sam.

By the mid-1930s, Janney was considered the quintessential male juvenile star. As he entered his teenage years, he turned to radio and worked on the series The Parker Family, playing all-American boy Richard Parker. Though he preferred theater work, his radio work allowed him to become a master dialectician. After serving in World War II as a translator, he continued working in radio and theatre. Though blacklisted in the 1950s, Janney continued to work regularly due to his preference for theatrical work, appearing in such plays as The School for Scandal and The Gazebo.

By the 1960s, Janney appeared in bit roles on such television shows as Car 54, Where Are You?, The Defenders and The Jackie Gleason Show. He also made his first film appearance in more than a decade, playing a sympathetic guard in The Last Mile. Janney was also the spokesman for the New York Mets in their Rheingold Beer commercials for the team's first two seasons (1962-1963). In his final years, he was a regular the television shows Another World and The Edge of Night.


Janney died of cancer on October 28, 1980, in Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico.

Source: Wikipedia

Adventures of Dick Cole, TheAdventures of Dick Cole, The
Show Count: 18
Broadcast History: 1942
Cast: Leon Janney
CBS Radio Mystery TheaterCBS Radio Mystery Theater
Show Count: 1484
Broadcast History: 6 January 1974 to 31 December 1982
Cast: Leon Janney, Evie Juster, Ralph Bell, Jackson Beck, Teri Keane, Mason Adams, Roger DeKoven, Robert Dryden, Bryna Raeburn, Joseph Julian, Ian Martin, Mary Jane Higby, William Redfield, Mandel Kramer, Paul McGrath, Amzie Strickland, Joan Lorring, Joan Banks, Elspeth Eric, Santos Ortega, Arnold Moss, Grace Matthews, Bret Morrison, Berry Kroeger, Jim Jordan, Les Tremayne
Director: Himan Brown
Producer: Himan Brown
Host: E G Marshall, Tammy Grimes
CBS Radio Mystery Theater wasn't initiated until the 1970's – long after so many radio broadcasts had failed in the intense competition with television.
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Life Of Mary SothernLife Of Mary Sothern
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Broadcast History: 1930s
Cast: Minabelle Hutchins, Linda Carlon, Betty Caine, Jack Zoller, Joseph Julian, Leon Janney, Florence Golden, Bess McCammon, Rikel Kent, Jay Jostyn
The Life of Mary Sothern was a long-running soap opera - there were at least three hundred episodes broadcast during the 1930s - and follows the daily ups and downs of Mary, a wife and mother, who worked hard for her family.
Broadcast: December 7, 1941
Starring: Leon Janney
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Broadcast: July 6, 1952
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Broadcast: 4th March 1962
Starring: Leon Janney
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