Grace Matthews

Show Count: 46
Series Count: 4
Role: Old Time Radio Star
Old Time Radio
Born: September 3, 1910, Toronto, Canada
Died: May 15, 1995, Mt. Kisko, New York, USA
CBS Radio Mystery TheaterCBS Radio Mystery Theater
Show Count: 1484
Broadcast History: 6 January 1974 to 31 December 1982
Cast: Leon Janney, Evie Juster, Ralph Bell, Jackson Beck, Teri Keane, Mason Adams, Roger DeKoven, Robert Dryden, Bryna Raeburn, Joseph Julian, Ian Martin, Mary Jane Higby, William Redfield, Mandel Kramer, Paul McGrath, Amzie Strickland, Joan Lorring, Joan Banks, Elspeth Eric, Santos Ortega, Arnold Moss, Grace Matthews, Bret Morrison, Berry Kroeger, Jim Jordan, Les Tremayne
Director: Himan Brown
Producer: Himan Brown
Host: E G Marshall, Tammy Grimes
CBS Radio Mystery Theater wasn't initiated until the 1970's – long after so many radio broadcasts had failed in the intense competition with television.
Broadcast: March 18, 1965
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Broadcast: 12th March 1965
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Broadcast: 19th July 1946
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Broadcast: 1st October 1961
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Broadcast: 31st December 1964
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Broadcast: 26th October 1964
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