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Hal Studer

Show Count: 41
Series Count: 1
Role: Old Time Radio Star
Old Time Radio
Adventures Of Frank MerriwellAdventures Of Frank Merriwell
Show Count: 38
Broadcast History: 26 March 1934 to 22 June 1934 and 5 October 1946 to 4 June 1949
Cast: Donald Briggs, Lawson Zerbe, Elaine Rost, Hal Studer, Lamont Johnson, Brad Barker, Grace Keddy, Patricia Hosley
Director: Joseph F Mansfield, Ed King, Harry Junkin, Fred Weihe
The Adventures of Frank Merriwell was created by Gilbert Patten who wrote under the name, Burt L. Standish and was first broadcast on NBC radio from March 26 to June 22, 1934 3 times a week in 15-minute continuation stories.
Broadcast: 14th February 1949
Starring: Hal Studer
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Broadcast: 2nd April 1965
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Broadcast: 18th February 1965
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