Joseph Curtin

Show Count: 38
Series Count: 3
Role: Old Time Radio Star
Old Time Radio
Mr & Mrs NorthMr & Mrs North
Show Count: 82
Broadcast History: 30 December 1942 to 18 April 1955
Cast: Joseph Curtin, Betty Jane Tyler , Frank Lovejoy, Mandel Kramer, Staats Cotsworth, Richard Denning, Alice Frost, Walter Kinsella , Barbara Britton, Francis DeSales
Producer: S. James Andrews, John W. Loveton
Mr and Mrs North was an exceptionally popular radio mystery series that aired on NBC and CBS from 1942 to 1954, reaching an audience of almost 20 million listeners.
Thin Man, TheThin Man, The
Show Count: 6
Broadcast History: July 1941 to December 1942, January 1943 to December 1947, and June 1950 to September 1950
Cast: David Gothard, Joseph Curtin, Les Tremayne, Claudia Morgan, Lester Damon
Broadcast: August 25, 1943
Added: Feb 11 2022
Broadcast: 25th January 1956
Added: Jan 16 2006