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Wrigley’s Gum

Show Count: 20
Series Count: 5
Role: Old Time Radio Star
Old Time Radio
Gene Autry's Melody RanchGene Autry's Melody Ranch
Show Count: 29
Broadcast History: 7 january 1940 to 1 August 1943, 23 September 1945 to 13 May 1956
Sponsor: Wrigley’s Gum
Cast: Pat Buttram, Johnny Bond, Carl Cotner, Sara Berner, Frankie Marvin, Alvino Rey, eddie Dean, Jimmy Wakely , Harry Lang, Jack Mather, Horace Murphy, Jerry Hausner
Producer: Bill Burch
Host: Gene Autry
Life With LuigiLife With Luigi
Show Count: 79
Broadcast History: 21 September 1948 to 3 March 1953
Sponsor: Wrigley’s Gum
Cast: J. Carrol Naish, Alan Reed, Jody Gilbert, Gil Stratton Jr., Mary Shipp, Hans Conried, Joe Forte, Ken Peters
Director: William N Robson, Mac Benoff
Producer: Cy Howard
Broadcast: August 20, 1957
Added: Jan 06 2017