RUSC Radio - Halloween

Joan Lazer

Show Count: 5
Series Count: 3
Role: Old Time Radio Star
Old Time Radio
Big Guy, TheBig Guy, The
Show Count: 3
Broadcast History: 7 May 1950 to 29 October 1950
Cast: Henry Calvin, David Anderson, Denise Alexander, Joan Lazer, Joseph Bell, Anita Anton, Burford Hampden, Bill Zuckert, Lyle Sudrow, Linda Watkins, Peggy Laughton, Sandy Strauss
Director: Thomas Madigan
Joshua Sharpe works for his clients on a strictly cash basis to provide for the needs of his nearest and dearest Josh Junior and his daughter Debbie.
Broadcast: 27th December 1959
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Broadcast: 9th August 1951
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Broadcast: 1st July 1962
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