Betty Caine

Show Count: 191
Series Count: 3
Role: Old Time Radio Star
Old Time Radio
Life Of Mary SothernLife Of Mary Sothern
Show Count: 227
Broadcast History: 1930s
Cast: Minabelle Hutchins, Linda Carlon, Betty Caine, Jack Zoller, Joseph Julian, Leon Janney, Florence Golden, Bess McCammon, Rikel Kent, Jay Jostyn
The Life of Mary Sothern was a long-running soap opera - there were at least three hundred episodes broadcast during the 1930s - and follows the daily ups and downs of Mary, a wife and mother, who worked hard for her family.
Broadcast: 30th January 1957
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Broadcast: 21st November 1957
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Broadcast: May 20, 1939
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Broadcast: 25th November 1939
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