Ernest Chappell

Show Count: 85
Series Count: 3
Role: Old Time Radio Star
Old Time Radio
Born: 1903
Died: July 4, 1983

Ernest E. Chappell (1903 - July 4, 1983) was an American radio announcer and actor, best remembered for his featured role in the late 1940s radio program Quiet, Please. The show ran from 1947 to 1949, and Quiet, Please was Chappell's major acting credit. His signature line was: "And so, until next week at this same time, I am quietly yours, Ernest Chappell."

On February 10, 1925, Chappell was the announcer, as well as the director of the first radio station in Syracuse, New York, WFBL (which stood for First Broadcast License). On Monday, November 9, 1925, Chappell began writing for the Syracuse Herald. His column, "Riding the Waves With Chap," included promotion for the broadcasting industry and the local station.

For several years on each program, Chappell also served as the announcer for The Campbell Playhouse (the continuation of The Mercury Theatre on the Air) and for a radio program based on theEllery Queen stories.

Chappell was also "the voice of Pall Mall" in American Tobacco's television cigarette commercials from the mid-1950s into the mid-'60s. His famous tag line: "Buy Pall Mall famous cigarettes...'OUTSTANDING! and they are mild!'".

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Quiet PleaseQuiet Please
Show Count: 66
Broadcast History: 8 June 1947 to 25 June 1949
Director: Wyllis Cooper
Producer: Albert Buhrman, Wyllis Cooper, Bill McClintock
Broadcast: 17th April 1950
Starring: Ernest Chappell
Added: Aug 26 2012
Broadcast: 15th August 1949
Starring: Ernest Chappell
Added: Aug 19 2012
Broadcast: 23rd January 1950
Starring: Ernest Chappell
Added: Aug 25 2012
Broadcast: 16th January 1950
Starring: Ernest Chappell
Added: Aug 18 2012