RUSC Christmas Radio Station

Frank Hummert

Show Count: 133
Series Count: 7
Role: Old Time Radio Star
Old Time Radio
Born: 1882
Died: 1966
Mr ChameleonMr Chameleon
Show Count: 20
Broadcast History: 1948-1953
Cast: Karl Swenson, Frank Butler
Director: Richard Leonard
Created by Frank and Anne Hummert (creators of Mr Keen: Tracer of Missing Persons and many other series), Mr Chameleon, as the name suggests, was a master of disguise, who changed his appearance with every episode, in order to track down suspects, murderers and fraudsters.
Mr Keen - Tracer of Lost PersonsMr Keen - Tracer of Lost Persons
Show Count: 22
Broadcast History: 12 October 1937 to 19 April 1955
Cast: Arthur Hughes, Bennett Kilpack, Phil Clarke, Jim Kelly, Florence Malone
Director: Richard Leonard
Producer: Frank Hummert, Anne Hummert
Broadcast: December 7, 1941
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Broadcast: September 20, 1940
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Broadcast: January 20, 1939
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Broadcast: April 5, 1939
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Broadcast: April 8, 1939
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