Ken Lynch

Show Count: 206
Series Count: 2
Role: Old Time Radio Star
Old Time Radio
Born: July 15, 1910, Cleveland, Ohio, U.S
Died: February 13, 1990, Burbank, California, U.S

Ken Lynch (July 15, 1910 - February 13, 1990) was an American film and TV actor best known for his starring role as 'the Lieutenant' on the 1949-1954 Dumont detective series The Plainclothesman, on which his face was never seen, and for his co-starring role as Sergeant Grover on McCloud.


Early life

Kenneth E. Lynch was born in 1910 in Cleveland, Ohio. His mother's maiden name was Dietzel.


He made his acting debut in 1940 on The Bishop and The Gargoyle radio series. He played the Gargoyle, replacing Milton Herman, who had previously portrayed the character. From 1942-1946, Ken Lynch provided the voice of Tank, the mechanic, who aides the title character in Hop Harrigan. In 1950, he starred in One Thousand Dollars Reward, a rare crime drama, where after the crime play had ended, the host would place a call to a random listener, who would try to solve the mystery. He also appeared on the radio shows The Falcon, 21st Precinct and Gunsmoke.

Lynch appeared in numerous TV series including Zorro, Have Gun - Will Travel, Perry Mason, Checkmate ("Cyanide Touch"), The Fugitive, The Andy Griffith Show, Adam-12, Star Trek ("The Devil in the Dark"), All In The Family, The Twilight Zone, The Rifleman, and Maverick. In the 1970s he made 16 guest appearances in the TV series McCloud. He previously appeared in 12 episodes ofGunsmoke, ten episodes of The F.B.I., nine episodes of Bonanza, and six episodes in both The Virginian and Gomer Pyle, USMC. Among the films in which he appeared are I Married a Monster from Outer Space, North By Northwest, Pork Chop Hill, and Anatomy of a Murder. His last role was in the 1983 miniseries The Winds of War.


Lynch died from a virus on February 13, 1990 in Burbank, California.

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21st Precinct21st Precinct
Show Count: 113
Broadcast History: 7 July 1953 to 26 July 1956
Cast: Everett Sloane, James Gregory, Les Damon, Ken Lynch, Harold Stone
Director: Stanley Niss
Producer: John Ives
"21st Precinct. It's just lines on a map of the city of New York. Most of the 173,000 people wedged into the nine-tenths of a square mile between Fifth Avenue and the East River wouldn't know, if you asked them, that they lived or worked in the 21st. Whether they know it or not, the security of their persons, their homes, and their property is the job of the men of the 21st."
Hop HarriganHop Harrigan
Show Count: 188
Broadcast History:
Cast: Charles Stratton, Ken Lynch, Jackson Beck, King Leonardo, Perry White, Mitzi Gould
Hop Harrigan was created by Jon Blummer, and is recognized as one of the first successful aviation heroes in comic history.
Broadcast: 24th July 1952
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Broadcast: 7th July 1976
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Broadcast: 25th September 1975
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Broadcast: 14th May 1950
Starring: Les Damon, Ken Lynch
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Broadcast: 20th June 1951
Starring: Les Damon, Ken Lynch
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Broadcast: 20th May 1951
Starring: Les Damon, Ken Lynch
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Broadcast: 30th August 1950
Starring: Les Damon, Ken Lynch
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Broadcast: 13th May 1951
Starring: Les Damon, Ken Lynch
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Broadcast: 25th February 1951
Starring: Les Damon, Ken Lynch
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Broadcast: 15th April 1951
Starring: Les Damon, Ken Lynch
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Broadcast: 21st January 1951
Starring: Les Damon, Ken Lynch
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Broadcast: 27th May 1951
Starring: Les Damon, Ken Lynch
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Broadcast: 16th March 1956
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Broadcast: 28th February 1948
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Broadcast: 11th December 1945
Starring: Ken Lynch
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