Madeleine Pierce

Show Count: 2
Series Count: 2
Role: Old Time Radio Star
Old Time Radio
Ethel And AlbertEthel And Albert
Show Count: 1
Broadcast History: Early 1940s, 29 May 1944 to 24 June 1949, and 16 January 1949 to 28 August 1950
Cast: Peg Lynch, Alan Bunce, Richard Widmark, Madeleine Pierce
Director: Robert Cotton, William D Hamilton
Producer: Peg Lynch
Ethel and Albert (aka The Private Lives of Ethel and Albert) was a radio and television comedy series about a married couple, Ethel and Albert Arbuckle, living in the small town of Sandy Harbor. Created by Peg Lynch (born 1916), who scripted and portrayed Ethel, the series first aired on local Minnesota radio in the early 1940s, followed by a run on NBC, CBS and ABC from May 29, 1944 to August 28, 1950.