Case Of The Broken Finger Print, The

Case Of The Broken Finger Print, The

Broadcast: 20th June 1951
Starring: Les Damon, Ken Lynch
Added: May 31 2008
It’s Wednesday night in New York and the apartment of Barry Barrows is in darkness. Ethel Barrows sits in the darkened apartment drumming on the arm of her chair with her fingernails. Now she reaches out to the table beside her and fumbles for a cigarette lighter. She finds the lighter and uses its light to show the time on her wristwatch. When she hears voices outside the apartment she flicks out the light quickly and stands up facing the door as her husbands enters with another woman, Norma Wallace. Barry had failed to tell Norma that he was married and Ethel suggests he wants an easy out, three is a crowd and someone had to be eliminated. The only question is, who is it to be?