Case Of The Disappearing Doll, The

Case Of The Disappearing Doll, The

Broadcast: 30th August 1950
Starring: Les Damon, Ken Lynch
Added: Mar 01 2008
Harry Jenson is a security guy who delivers the payroll to the factory. Carl Hoffman plans to steal the payroll and his girlfriend Janet Halsing flirts with Jenson to find out when he is delivering the pay. The plan is for Carl Hoffman and Vince to take the money and then give it to Janet who will meet up with them later. Vince is not happy entrusting the money $80,000 to Janet and later when she doesn’t turn up Hoffman employs Mike Waring, The Falcon to track her down by telling him that she is his fiancée and that she had flipped with $2000 from a joint account he had opened for them.