Case Of The Dutch Doll

Case Of The Dutch Doll

Broadcast: 13th May 1951
Starring: Les Damon, Ken Lynch
Added: Apr 20 2008
It is late Sunday evening in New York the kind of stormy night where only Noah would feel at home but Harry Roberts the stocky gentleman in the wet overcoat is no biblical character. Harry is Dutch Steven’s chief lieutenant and right now he is on a mission for his boss. He has to send the same telegram to three guys, George Hendricks, Bill Rhinebeck and Christopher Londos asking each of them to be at his place on June 29th, but on the end of the wire to Londos he adds this is it, Harry. Steven’s figures they shouldn’t spend time fighting each other and ought to work together with Stevens as the head of the organization. Dutch hasn’t seen his daughter in ten years and receives a telegram that she is arriving in New York on Friday. However it is too late as he is killed. Mike Waring is hired by Dutch Steven's daughter Beatrice to discover her father's killer.