Crime Does Not Pay

Crime Does Not Pay

Crime Does Not Pay was very much like the radio show Gangbusters in that they both featured criminals who were apprehended and every episode ended with a message about the immorality of breaking the law.

From 1949-1951 the show aired on WMGM in New York. It aired one more year on the Mutual network in 1952. Listeners could tune in every Monday to hear a half-hour show about crime. Originally airing on Monday evenings, the show switched to Wednesday nights about halfway through its run and many of the episodes aired in repeats. In fact, the last year of the show consisted entirely of repeated shows recorded earlier. The show was transcribed and had canned sound effects, which purists didn’t approve of, yet although brief Crime Does Not Pay had a successful run.

Most of the stars of the radio show were B-movie stars that had appeared in films produced by MGM. However from time to time a major star would drop by and play a guest role for the series. Some of the actors playing in the series included Ed Begley, Lionel Stander, and Bella Lugosi.

One of the things that set Crime Does Not Pay apart from some other series is that it specifically sought to teach a message. It highlighted crimes such as murder and racketeering, but it was quick to point out the penalty of participating in these underworld activities.

Often the crimes reflected real stories ripped from the headlines. For example the episode Body of the Crime reflected the murder of the Lindbergh baby. This mirroring of major news stories made the series even more intriguing. However, unlike some of the real criminals every episode concluded with the wrongdoer behind bars. After all, crime does not pay!

Broadcast: 10th October 1949
Starring: Donald Buka
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Broadcast: 17th October 1949
Starring: Sidney Brechner
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Broadcast: 7th November 1949
Starring: Nancy Kelly
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Broadcast: 14th November 1949
Starring: Parker Fennelly
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Broadcast: 22nd November 1949
Starring: Charles Korvin
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Broadcast: 29th November 1949
Starring: Mildred Natwick
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Broadcast: 5th December 1949
Starring: Cameron Mitchell
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Broadcast: 12th December 1949
Starring: Bela Lugosi
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Broadcast: 19th December 1949
Starring: Myron McCormick
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Broadcast: 26th December 1949
Starring: Martin Gabel
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Broadcast: 2nd January 1950
Starring: Jean Muir
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Broadcast: 9th January 1950
Starring: Alan Baxter
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Broadcast: 13th February 1950
Starring: John Beal
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Broadcast: 20th February 1950
Starring: Donald Curtis
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Broadcast: 27th February 1950
Starring: Richard Duerr
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Broadcast: 6th March 1950
Starring: Helen Craig
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Broadcast: 27th March 1950
Starring: Everett Sloane
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Broadcast: 3rd April 1950
Starring: Barbara O'Neill
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Broadcast: 15th May 1950
Starring: Lionel Stander
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Broadcast: 22nd May 1950
Starring: Nancy Coleman
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Broadcast: 29th May 1950
Starring: Joseph Buloff
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Broadcast: 19th June 1950
Starring: Alexander Kirkland
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Broadcast: 26th June 1950
Starring: John Loder
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Broadcast: 3rd July 1950
Starring: Anna Lee
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Broadcast: 10th July 1950
Starring: Herbert Rudley
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Broadcast: 17th July 1950
Starring: Betty Furness
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Broadcast: 24th July 1950
Starring: Neil Hamilton
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Broadcast: 31st July 1950
Starring: Everett Sloane
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Broadcast: 7th August 1950
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Broadcast: 14th August 1950
Starring: Blanche Yurka
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Broadcast: 21st August 1950
Starring: Joseph Wiseman
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Broadcast: 28th August 1950
Starring: Richard Hart
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Broadcast: 4th September 1950
Starring: Margo
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Broadcast: 11th September 1950
Starring: Frank Albertson
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Broadcast: 18th September 1950
Starring: Horace McMahon
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Broadcast: 16th October 1950
Starring: John Loder
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Broadcast: 23rd October 1950
Starring: Charles Korvin
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Broadcast: 30th October 1950
Starring: Mary Wickes
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Broadcast: 29th November 1950
Starring: Sara Hayden
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Broadcast: 6th December 1950
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Broadcast: 13th December 1950
Starring: Joan Lorring
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Broadcast: 20th December 1950
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Broadcast: December 27, 1950
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Broadcast: 3rd January 1951
Starring: Donald Woods
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Broadcast: 10th January 1951
Starring: Harvey Stevens
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Broadcast: 17th January 1951
Starring: Susan Douglas
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Broadcast: 24th January 1951
Starring: Ian Keith
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Broadcast: 31st January 1951
Starring: Ralph Forbes
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Broadcast: 7th February 1951
Starring: Phillip Reed
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Broadcast: 14th February 1951
Starring: Diana Barrymore
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Broadcast: 21st February 1951
Starring: John Shelton
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Broadcast: 28th February 1951
Starring: Romney Brent
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Broadcast: 7th March 1951
Starring: Harold Vermiliar
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Broadcast: 14th March 1951
Starring: Ralph Meeker
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Broadcast: 21st March 1951
Starring: Una O'Conner
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Broadcast: 28th March 1951
Starring: Edmund Ryan
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Broadcast: 4th April 1951
Starring: Bramwell Fletcher
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Broadcast: 11th April 1951
Starring: Robert Lowery
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