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Dead Pigeon

Dead Pigeon

Broadcast: 19th December 1949
Starring: Myron McCormick
Added: Dec 19 2010
They breed in the slums of the big cities and in the slums of the rural countryside. They want what others have and when the proper means does not exist they take what they want making jungles of their minds and living according to the jungles law of kill or be killed. They give each other nicknames for color, Louie “The Dasher” Monroe because of his velvet colored topcoat and neat hair. "Ohio" Ollie because of a tune he whistled and Jack "The Kid" for obvious reasons nut Harry Roper had no nickname, his last name was enough. Harry was an expert with a four-foot piece of clothesline. They met these four under the general staff at the Dasher’s command to consider a matter of security. The kid had discovered that George was a pigeon, a stoolie and it was decided that he had to go…