Old Mob Goes, The

Old Mob Goes, The

Broadcast: 24th January 1951
Starring: Ian Keith
Added: Sep 23 2011
There’s a law in the jungle a law that says when the leader grows old his power will be assumed by youth. But no leader be he lion, tiger, gorilla or what-have-you steps down willingly or gracefully. The young must fight for power and that must vacate the throne before it can be reoccupied. This is jungle law applicable not merely in the green depths of Africa but in the steel and concrete jungles of big cities where man is the beast of prey and where knives and bullets take the place of fang and claw. Now it happened that the older men, Mike Roswald, Joe Westbrook and to some extent Chuck Deighton, ruled the jungle. There were younger men too, younger with growing strength and their power was being felt…