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Show-Off, The

Show-Off, The

Broadcast: February 1, 1943
Added: Feb 18 2017
The night Fibber McGee and Molly introduced a new character in to their show called Gildersleeve I am sure that no one could have foreseen the fantastic success story to which Lux Radio Theater add another chapter tonight. Mr Gildersleeve (Harold Peary) made a great hit with Fibber and Molly’s audience and soon had a radio program of his own. Then came a series of pictures at RKO and here Lux have cast him I one of the great comedy hits of American theater, Goerge Kelly’s famous play The Show Off. In The Show Off Peary plays Aubrey Piper a gentleman with a talent for getting in to trouble, witness the case of his brother-in-laws invention which you’re about to hear more about.