Noah Beery Jr.

Noah Beery Jr.

Show Count: 7
Series Count: 0
Role: Old Time Radio Star
Born: August 10, 1913
Old Time Radio, New York City, New York, U.S.
Died: November 1, 1994, Tehachapi, California, U.S.

Noah Lindsey Beery (August 10, 1913 – November 1, 1994), known professionally as Noah Beery, Jr. or just Noah Beery, was an American actor specializing in warm, friendly character parts similar to the ones played by his uncle, Wallace Beery, although Noah Beery, Jr., unlike his uncle, seldom broke away from playing supporting roles.

His father, Noah Nicholas Beery (known professionally as Noah Beery or Noah Beery, Sr.), enjoyed a similarly lengthy film career as a supporting actor.

Beery was perhaps best known as James Garner's father, Joseph "Rocky" Rockford, in the 1970s NBC television series The Rockford Files.

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Broadcast: 17th March 1939
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Broadcast: January 4, 1943
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Broadcast: 13th November 1939
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Broadcast: 30th July 1945
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