Eileen Wilson

Eileen Wilson

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Role: Old Time Radio Star
Old Time Radio

Eileen Wilson was one of the original stars of the television show Your Hit Parade, on NBC. She starred on the show from 1950 until 1952.

Prior to joining the Hit Parade TV show, she had starred on the show's radio version. For part of the time she sang on the radio show, her co-star was Frank Sinatra. Before her Hit Parade years, Wilson sang with the Skitch Henderson and Les Brown orchestras. Her husband, Ray Kellogg, also sang with the Henderson and Brown orchestras.

In 1952, Wilson was replaced on Your Hit Parade by singer June Valli. Valli sang on the show for one season, and was replaced by singer Gisele MacKenzie.

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Broadcast: November 15, 1949
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Broadcast: October 21, 1950
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Broadcast: March 26, 1949
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Broadcast: 6th November 1950
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