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Robert A Arthur

Show Count: 11
Series Count: 5
Role: Old Time Radio Star
Old Time Radio
Born: June 18, 1925, Aberdeen, Washington, USA
Died: October 1, 2008, Aberdeen, Washington, USA

Robert Arthur (June 18, 1925 – October 1, 2008) was an American motion picture actor who appeared in dozens of films in the 1940s and 1950s.

Born Robert Arthaud, Arthur appeared in the 1949 war film Twelve O'Clock High as the comic relief–providing Sgt. McIllhenny, in the 1951 Billy Wilder film Ace in the Hole, and in the 1950s television program The Lone Ranger. Arthur was known for playing youthful teenage or young adult roles.

In his later years, Arthur became an activist for gay rights on behalf of senior citizens, and was involved with the Log Cabin Republicans.

Arthur died in Aberdeen, Washington, on October 1, 2008, from heart failure.

Source: Wikipedia

Murder By ExpertsMurder By Experts
Show Count: 6
Broadcast History: 18 June 1949 to 17 December 1951
Director: Robert A Arthur, David Kogan
Producer: Robert A Arthur, David Kogan
Host: John Dickson Carr, Brett Halliday, Alfred Hitchcock
Sealed Book, TheSealed Book, The
Show Count: 26
Broadcast History: 18 March 1945 to 9 September 1945
Cast: Philip Clarke
Director: Jock MacGregor
Producer: Jock MacGregor
Strange Doctor Weird, TheStrange Doctor Weird, The
Show Count: 29
Broadcast History: 7 November 1944 to 15 May 1945
Sponsor: Adams Hats
Cast: Maurice Tarplin
Director: Jock MacGregor
Producer: Jock MacGregor
Broadcast: 20th January 1965
Added: Jan 31 2014
Broadcast: 26th October 1964
Added: Jan 26 2014