Cathy Lewis

Show Count: 173
Series Count: 7
Role: Old Time Radio Star
Old Time Radio
Born: December 27, 1916, Spokane, Washington, U.S
Died: November 20, 1968, Los Angeles, California, U.S

Cathy Lewis (December 27, 1916, Spokane, Washington–November 20, 1968) was an American actress remembered best for numerous radio appearances but making a number of film and television appearances in the last decade of her life.

According to Ron Lackmann's The Encyclopedia of American Radio, Lewis moved from Spokane to Chicago and found work on The First Nighter Program. Other accounts say she first hoped to make it as a singer. Eventually, Lewis moved to Hollywood, and had leading roles with the Pasadena Playhouse in productions of Stage DoorTo Quito and Back, and Winterset, appearing with Robert Preston, Victor Mature, Dana Andrews, and Victor Jory. Then came a year's tour with Alexander Woollcott's company in The Man Who Came to Dinner and with Noël Coward's Bitter Sweet.

She met and married radio actor/writer/director Elliott Lewis (they shared the common surname) in 1943. Both Lewises were staples of vintage American radio; radio historians Gerald Nachman and John Dunning have written of their numerous, genre-spanning works in comedy and drama (they were, for example, regulars among what was known as Hollywood's Radio Row group of performers, appearing often---together and separately---on such programs as The Whistler), especially their co-creation of the respected anthology series On Stage and their stewardship (with Elliott Lewis directing and both of the couple acting) of the venerable mystery series Suspense.

But while her husband would often be remembered most for his comic role in The Phil Harris-Alice Faye Show (as bumbling buddy Frankie Remley), she would be most identified as the sensibly droll Jane Stacy rooming with scatterbrained Irma Peterson (Marie Wilson) in the 1947–54 radio and television comedy My Friend Irma.

Films and television 

In 1940, she had her first screen credit in an episode of the Crime Does Not Pay film series. Most of her film work in the 1940s was in uncredited bit parts, although she was the female lead with Harry Langdon in Double Trouble (1941). She recreated her My Friend Irma role on television for the show's first season before the cameras. However, she did not appear in the two movies adaptations, My Friend Irma (best known for the film debuts of Martin and Lewis) and My Friend Irma Goes West.

She had a supporting role in The Party Crashers (1958), a film now noted as the final screen appearances of troubled legend Frances Farmer and former child star Bobby Driscoll. That same year, Cathy and Elliott Lewis divorced, putting an end to their image as "Mr. and Mrs. Radio." A year later, she starred as half the title of a short-lived bid to bring another radio legend, Fibber McGee and Molly, to television, with Bob Sweeney as Fibber to Lewis' Molly.

By 1961, Lewis played a supporting role in the Spencer Tracy movie The Devil at 4 O'Clock and began a recurring role as George Baxter's haughty sister Deirdre on the television hit Hazel, which starred another one-time radio presence, Shirley Booth (Miss Duffy in the comedy Duffy's Tavern). Her final screen appearance was on a 1965 episode of F-Troop. However, she did have one more memorable contribution to make: the voice of Jade, a female spy/adventurer who appeared in two episodes of the original Jonny Quest animated series.

Cathy Lewis died of cancer on November 20, 1968, the ninth anniversary of her father's death.

Source: Wikipedia

I Love a MysteryI Love a Mystery
Show Count: 113
Broadcast History: 16 January 1939 to 26 December 1952
Cast: Elliott Lewis, Luis Van Rooten, Russell Thorson, Michael Raffetto, Tony Randall, Robert Dryden, Jack Edwards, John McIntire, Cathy Lewis, Barton Yarborough, Jay Novello, Ben Alexander, Gloria Blondell, Cliff Arquette, Naomi Stevens, Edgar Norton, Barbara Jean Wong, Richard Legrand, Walter Paterson, Lal Chand Mehra, Jim Boles, Mercedes McCambridge
Director: Carlton E Morse
Producer: Al Span, Carlton E Morse, Buddy Twiss, Ralph Amati, George Cooney, Barney Beck
I Love A Mystery weaves a spell over its fans. It is a tale of three partners, Jack Packard, Doc Long and Reggie Yorke who formed the A-1 detective agency. They are adventurers who travel the world in search of action, thrills and mystery, battling the evils of natural and supernatural and rescuing women in distress.
Man Called X, TheMan Called X, The
Show Count: 96
Broadcast History: July 1944 to Sept 1948 and Oct 1950 to May 1952
Sponsor: General Motors, Frigidaire
Cast: Herbert Marshall, William Conrad, Lawrence Dobkin, Cathy Lewis, Harry Lang, Peter Leeds, Leon Belasco
Director: Jack Johnstone
On StageOn Stage
Show Count: 13
Broadcast History: 1 January 1953 to 30 September 1953
Cast: Ben Wright, Elliott Lewis, Howard McNear, William Conrad, Paul Frees, Harry Bartell, Cathy Lewis, Barney Phillips, Peggy Webber
Director: Elliott Lewis
Producer: Elliott Lewis
Philip Morris PlayhousePhilip Morris Playhouse
Show Count: 9
Broadcast History: 1939 to 1949, November 1948 to July 1949, and March 1951 to September 1953
Sponsor: Philip Morris Cigarettes
Cast: Vincent Price, Dan Dailey, Cathy Lewis, Marlene Dietrich, Elliott Lewis, Howard Duff, Joseph Kearns, Sidney Miller, Jerry Hausner, James Mathews, William Conrad, Vanessa Brown, Lew Ayres, June Allyson, Robert Culp, Mandel Kramer, Peter Lorre, Everett Sloane, Ed Begley
Director: William Spier, Charles Martin
Producer: William Spier, Charles Martin
On Friday evenings at 8:30 pm, from 1939 until 1944, everyone who had a radio gathered round it to listed to the music, variety and drama offerings of Philip Morris Playhouse. It continued again in 1948 until 1951.
Broadcast: 10th October 1946
Starring: John Lund, Cathy Lewis
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Starring: Cathy Lewis
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Starring: Cathy Lewis, Dan Duryea
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