Jim Ameche

Show Count: 13
Series Count: 4
Role: Old Time Radio Star
Old Time Radio
Born: August 6, 1915, Kenosha, Wisconsin, USA
Died: February 4, 1983, Tucson, Arizona, USA

James Ameche (August 6, 1915 in Kenosha, Wisconsin – February 4, 1983 in Tucson, Arizona) was a familiar voice on radio, including his role as radio's original Jack Armstrong on Jack Armstrong, the All-American Boy.

When his older brother, Don Ameche, left his position as the host and announcer for The Chase and Sanborn Hour in the early 1940s, Jim took over for the remainder of the show's run. He also was heard as mountie Jim West on ABC's Silver Eagle (1951-55).

He was heard on stations in Los Angeles and Palm Springs in the late 1950s and early 60s. For many years he was a popular local radio personality in the New York City area. By the late 1960s, he was working as an announcer on New York's WHN and the TV pitchman for a Longines Symphonette Society mail-order record album featuring clips of old-time radio broadcasts.


For many years, he was the afternoon announcer on WQXR, the classical radio station of The New York Times, and was a familiar and beloved voice.

He portrayed Alexander Graham Bell in the 1957 film The Story of Mankind, the role his brother Don had played in the film biography of Bell in 1939. The two brothers' faces and voices were a close match.

Jim Ameche died in 1983 of lung cancer, aged 67.

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Grand MarqueeGrand Marquee
Show Count: 1
Broadcast History: 9 July 1946 to 25 September 1947
Cast: Jim Ameche, Beryl Vaughn, Olan Soule
Director: Norman Felton
Producer: Norman Felton
Broadcast: 23rd March 1958
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Broadcast: July 19, 1954
Starring: Jack Lester, Jim Ameche
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