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Wedding In Colombia

Wedding In Colombia

Broadcast: August 6, 1946
Added: Aug 20 2021

Wedding In Columbia is a romantic drama, an adventure in the South American tropics, a warm climate where cold shoulders and icy stares are rare indeed. But there are trouble aplenty for Francis, a maid of Manhattan and Carlos the Columbian caballeros before the good neighbor policy wins out . It all began the day the Ellwoods set out in search of a good tin mine at a good price...










August 06, 1946. NBC net, Chicago origination. "Wedding In Columbia". Sustaining. Jim Ameche, Virginia Safford Lynne (writer), Emil Soderstrom (composer), Beryl Vaughn, Herb Butterfield, George Kluge, Tony Parish, Norman Felton (producer), Lucille Garcia, Joseph Gallicchio (conductor). 30:13. Audio Condition: Very good to excellent. Complete.