Grand Central Station

Grand Central Station

All of these stories have one thing in common; they all begin in the wonderful Grand Central Station, New York. At the time it was not only the main rail hub of New York, but also a popular meeting place in general.

The show had a wonderful opening narrative:

"As a bullet seeks its target, shining rails in every part of our great country are aimed at Grand Central Station, heart of the nation's greatest city. Drawn by the magnetic force of the fantastic metropolis, day and night great trains rush toward the Hudson River, sweep down its eastern bank for 140 miles, flash briefly by the long red row of tenement houses south of 125th Street, dive with a roar into the two-and-one-half-mile tunnel which burrows beneath the glitter and swank of Park Avenue, and then ... (sound effect of a train pulling into the station) ... Grand Central Station! Crossroads of a million private lives! Gigantic stage on which are played a thousand dramas daily!"

The characters meeting in the station are different each week and the show is all about what happens to them when they leave the station. What happens is usually pretty light-hearted fair, so don't be expecting murder and suspense.

If you enjoy radio drama then you're likely to enjoy Grand Central Station. It makes for a very pleasant listen.
Broadcast: 21st March 1945
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Broadcast: 1st November 1945
Starring: Various
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Broadcast: 24th August 1946
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Broadcast: 18th September 1948
Starring: Sarah Fussell
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Broadcast: 24th December 1949
Starring: Mason Adams
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Broadcast: 15th August 1951
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