Tom Brown

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Born: January 6, 1913, New York City
Died: June 3, 1990, Woodland Hills, Los Angeles, California

Thomas Brown (b. January 6, 1913, New York City - d. June 3, 1990, Woodland Hills, Los Angeles, California) was an American child model, and later a film and television actor.


As a child model from the age of two years old, Brown posed as Buster Brown, the Arrow Collar Boy and the Buick boy. As an actor he is probably best remembered for playing the title role in The Adventures of Smilin' Jack and as Gilbert Blythe in the 1934 version of Anne of Green Gables. Later he appeared on Gunsmoke, General Hospital and Days of our Lives. He also had a recurring role as Lt. Rovacs in Mr. Lucky.

Brown was educated at the New York Professional Children's School. He was carried on stage in his mother's arms when he was only six months old. He enlisted in the US Army in World War II where he served as a paratrooper and also served during the Korean War with the 40th Infantry Divisionwhere he reached the rank of lieutenant colonel.

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