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Threes A Crime

Threes A Crime

Broadcast: July 22, 1949
Added: Oct 22 2020

Tonight's case from your FBI is the story of three young men who might have included in their number your own son. This story could take place anywhere and happen to anyone. Andy Mitchell is working on fixing a car belong to his friend George Roberts. His mother doesn't like George and she has good reason not to. This is the third stolen car Andy has worked on for George and he tells him it is the last but George's partner Frank Jenkins has other plans for Andy. 


This episode also includes the following message in connection with this case from Director of the FBI J. Edgar Hoover, "Our nation somewhere along the line has fallen down on the job of educating its youth to the responsibility of citizenship. As you heard on this official FBI radio program earlier ages 21 through 23 dominated the arrest records for the past twelve months. In many cases those young people have turned to crime because their parents and their community failed them. They are never taught the need, never given the realization of the utter futility of crime. You cannot abolish deplorable conditions by ignoring them as many communities are even today ignoring the youthful crime wave. It is your job as a member of your community to help these young men and women achieve a useful place in society for by doing that you will achieve a two-fold result. First, you will be helping your community by introducing young blood in to its life stream and second, you will be doing your part in fighting the crime wave."