Thin Man, The

Thin Man, The

Dashiell Hammett was probably best known for writing The Maltese Falcon but he was also the creator of many great radio detective stories such as The Adventures of Sam Spade and The Fat Man and before these, The Thin Man which was based on his original 1934 novel and movie of the same name.

The Thin Man follows an ex-detective, Nick Charles, and his sophisticated, glamorous, wealthy wife, Nora Charles, on their escapades to unravel mystery wherever it may lie by sleuthing and solving murders. They were billed the "happiest married couple in radio," and it is easy to see why as they continually flirt affectionately with each other. You get the feeling that they genuinely care and look out for each other. The mysteries were usually light-hearted and often more comedy than thriller. In their affection they got away with as much sexiness as the censors at the time would allow. There was plenty of oooohing and aaaaahing during the kissing scenes and each radio show ended with Nora's closing: "Good night, Nickeee darling..."

It starred Claudia Morgan in the role of Nora, and a number of well-known actors in Nick's role including Lester Damon, Les Tremayne, Joseph Curtin, and David Gothard.

The couple's popularity eventually like all the best radio shows progressed into television, where Peter Lawford and Phyllis Kirk portrayed the pair for three seasons on NBC-TV in The Thin Man from 1957-1959, in 72 30-minute episodes.

As far as I am aware there are only six episodes of the radio broadcasts still available.

Broadcast: October 10, 1943
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Broadcast: 6th October 1944
Starring: Claudia Morgan
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Broadcast: 1st December 1944
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Broadcast: 6th July 1948
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Broadcast: 13th July 1948
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Broadcast: Not known
Starring: Claudia Morgan
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