Veldt, The

Veldt, The

Broadcast: 9th August 1951
Added: May 10 2003

The soundproofed happy life home had cost thirty thousand dollars installed. It clothed and fed and rocked them to sleep and played and sang and was good to them. Their life purred on from day to day measured and controlled by the nucleonic thermostats, the eyruthium sponge thermo brains that made the beds and washed down the bathroom floors and made sure the salt cellars flowed freely without clogging. Twice a day the house paused, rang a quiet bell and turned precisely 90degrees on its axis in order that the view from the solaroid living room window might be varied to avoid ennui. Of course the pride of the house was the nursery the agent for the company had been most enthusiastic…

Written for radio by: Ernest Kinnoy from Ray Bradbury's story The Illustrated Man

Directed by: Fred Weihe