First Song - Jingle Bells

First Song - Jingle Bells

Broadcast: December 25, 1948
Added: Dec 25 2021

This is a lovely show to put on in the background while you prepare the Christmas dinner. The first song by Frank Sinatra is all time Christmas favorite Jingle Bells. Eileen Wilson sings hit parade song number 4, A little Bird Told Me. Frank Sinatra sings White Christmas, which was at number 8 in the hit parade. Tune number 6 is sung by Eileen Wilson and is Lavender Blue. The song that is in 7th place is sung by Frank, You're Only Fooling. Hit parade at number 10 is the instrumental Maybe you'll Be There. Song number 3 is My Darling, My Darling romantically sung here by Frank Sinatra. Eileen Wilson then sings hit parade number 2, On A Slow Boat To China. The hit tune at number 1 is Buttons And Bows and is sung by Frank.

The last song by Frank Sinatra has to be the most beautiful Christmas carol, Silent Night, ahhh now I am truly in the festive spirit!