Lina Romay

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Role: Old Time Radio Star
Old Time Radio
Born: 25 June 1954, Barcelona, Spain
Died: 15 February 2012, Málaga, Spain

Lina Romay (born Rosa María Almirall Martínez; 25 June 1954 – 15 February 2012) was a Spanish actress who often appeared in films directed by her long-time companion (& later husband) Jesus Franco. She died in 2012, at age 57, from cancer in Málaga, Spain. Her husband Franco died months later, in 2013.

Movie career

Romay was born in Barcelona. Following graduation from high school, she studied the arts, married actor/photographer Raymond Hardy (they later divorced), and began acting in stage productions. She began appearing in Jesus Franco's films from the time that they met in 1971. She appeared in more than a hundred feature films, most of them directed by Franco. The majority of their films together were in the adult film genre, but she has also starred in many horror, comedy and action/adventure films as well. Among the most famous of her cult horror movies are The Bare Breasted Countess(aka Female Vampire), Jack the Ripper, Exorcisms and Black Masses, and Barbed Wire Dolls.

Romay admitted to being an exhibitionist in interviews and many of her X-rated films involved oral sex and lesbianism. She took the name Lina Romay from the actress and jazz artist from the 1940s.

Lina Romay and Jesus Franco were partners for decades, and they were officially married on April 25, 2008.  She died on February 15, 2012, at age 57, from cancer in Málaga, Spain. Her husband Franco died soon after, in 2013.

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