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George Jessel And Lina Romay

George Jessel And Lina Romay

Broadcast: January 22, 1947
Added: Feb 04 2023

Bing Crosby opens the show with the song Zippy De Do Da. Next song Bing sings, accompanied by Skitch Henderson on piano is the ballad If You Were The Only Girl In The World. Bing introduces his special guest  George Jessel whom he describes as actor, writer, producer, raconteur extraordinaire. A little bit of banter and reminiscing. Jack McVea and His All Stars perform their famous recording, Open The Door Richard. Next Lina Romay, Bing and George perform a little film script George has produce, which he calls Bessie Burke From Bolivia with Lina opening the production with the song Brazil. Bing and Lina perform a beautiful duet. Bing closes the show with the song I Love You.