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Bab's New Boyfriend - The Bill Collector

Bab's New Boyfriend - The Bill Collector

Broadcast: May 19, 1950
Added: Sep 16 2023

Babs Riley has a new boyfriend who is a bit of a layabout. He doesn't have a job and spends his days hanging around the Riley house. Riley is not impressed with Simon and tries to encourage him to get his life together. Meanwhile, the Riley family is behind on their electric bill and the power company is threatening to turn off their electricity. Riley is worried about how he is going to pay the bill, but he is determined not to ask for help. In a twist of fate, Simon comes over to the Riley house and tells Riley that he has gotten a job. Riley is thrilled, thinking that he can ask Simon for some help towards the bill - until he learns that Simon's new job is as a bill collector for the electric company!